Tricks for setting up your Apple Watch for the first time

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Although the Apple Watch is a very easy to use and configure device, the same simplicity hides a large number of customization options, for users who want to have a device that adapts to all their needs.

Although there are several models of the Apple smart watch, all devices have a very similar initial configuration, so it will not be a problem to adapt; However, Infobae brings you a series of tips that will be useful when making the first adjustments.

How to start setting up an Apple Watch

The first thing you should do is pair your device with the iPhone, the initial configuration should always be done through Apple’s flagship cell phone.

After turning on the watch, just place it near an unlocked iPhone, a message will appear on it to configure the new device; From this, the cell phone will guide you through the initial pairing, in addition to asking you to log in with your Apple ID, assign an access code to the watch and also, it will allow you to configure functions such as Siri and Apple Pay.

Other options are if you want to transfer all the applications on the phone that are compatible with Apple Watch, although this may seem the most logical option, it is advisable to only install the ones that you are going to use.

Likewise, there are other functions that you should consider activating such as fall detection and SOS, which will allow you to make a quick call to emergency numbers with just a press of the side button. On the other hand, the detection of falls allows the watch to identify if you have suffered one and in case of not detecting subsequent movement, it will make an automatic call to the emergency service.


By default, Apple Watch will show all notifications from your applications, although it is advisable to take the time to configure this section to decide which notifications you really want to receive, all this can be configured from the ‘iPhone Watch’ application.

Design section

One of the great advantages of smart watches is that many of them allow you to choose from a wide catalog of watch ‘faces’, so you can select the one that best suits your style, choosing fonts, colors, among other options. customizable.

Although you can set the design from the watch directly, it will be more practical from the iPhone. In recent versions of Apple Watch (Series 5, 6 and 7) you can choose whether to keep the device screen always on or only when the sensor identifies that you are using it. Keep in mind that this option will be directly related to the battery life.

Fitness tracking

One of the strengths of the Apple Watch lies in its sports and fitness tracking functions, so it is recommended to configure these options from the beginning so that you have a quick view of the steps taken in a day, the number of calories expended and other aspects such as level and rest time, plus you can set daily goals or targets.


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