Tricks for the washing machine

Applying some homemade secrets before, during and after the laundry is beneficial so that the clothes come out neat

In order to take advantage of the tips that do work when washing, we present some easy tricks to execute or the use of products that you may have at home and are appropriate for washing.

1. Vinegar to remove stains
Vinegar is useful for removing stains from protein, herbs, and body fluids, says research published by Chemistry.

The argument is that a cup of white vinegar influences the decrease in pH and, in turn, promotes the denaturation of proteins.

2. Use a float so clothes don’t crease
It simplifies ironing since you hang the clothes to dry. How? Cut a pool float open in the center and insert it along the clothesline so the grid won’t cause creases.

3. Gather the socks in a bag
How many socks have you lost inside the washing machine? This unsolved mystery is preventable by bundling the socks into a mesh to feed them into the machine.

The covers for delicate clothes lend themselves as a bag; You can also hang one next to the laundry basket and whenever you take off your socks, you deposit them in it. So they will be together when washing. When the laundry comes out, that same bag goes into the dryer, and in the end, you will have the complete pairs.