Tricks to make the scent of perfume last longer

If you notice the scent fading quickly, you’re probably not applying it properly; make your perfume last all day without having to touch it up every time with 3 infallible tricks.

Apply your perfume after bathing so that the aroma lasts longer

Most of the time we apply the perfume almost at the end, when we are already dressed and ready to go out, but to affect the way the aroma is fixed on your skin, it is best to do it when we finish bathing because the steam it opens the pores and the humidity helps to retain the aroma of the fragrance, this facilitates the absorption of the perfume.

Apply your perfume in the indicated areas so that the aroma lasts longer

It is common that when spraying our perfume we do it on the neck and from the front, but it is not the most recommended, the best areas to perfume ourselves are on the pulse points, that is, those where there is better circulation and absorbency in the skin, for example, the wrists, neck, collarbones, and behind the earlobes.

Apply Vaseline to make your perfume last longer

All you have to do is apply a little Vaseline on the pulse points before spraying your fragrance, wait for it to absorb and now spray.

Believe it or not, Vaseline’s moisturizing effect will keep your perfume scent longer than when you apply it to dry skin.