Tricks to remove a broken key from a lock

The keys can break inside a door due to age, wear or poor maintenance of the locks. However, there are some solutions to repair the damage on your own

Getting a broken key out of a lock is a common problem that can occur at the most unexpected moments.

However, it is essential to remain calm and analyze the most viable solution to avoid further damage. Discover some outstanding tricks in this article!

1. Use pliers to remove a broken key from a lock. First of all, it should be taken into account that to unlock the door it is essential to have some tools on hand.

Thus, it is likely that you need to ask for the help of the neighbors, since the safest thing is that your utensils are inside the home.

Afterwards, all that remains is for you to grab the embedded key with the pliers to begin to push it out, little by little. It is necessary for another person to help hold the sheet firmly, as this avoids some sudden movements that make the process difficult.

2. Use pointed scissors. Pointed scissors are one of the instruments that are recommended to be used when all the key is inside the lock.

One of the tips of the scissors must be inserted through one of the sides of the lock; the intent is to locate the key without finishing pushing it in.

Then, when placing the element, what corresponds is to move it out until it comes out in its entirety.

3. Use a metal clip. Metal clips are another element that can be used to remove a key that does not stick out of the lock. In these cases, a strong wire must be used to drag the locked object and not break.

The process is similar to that of scissors. The person has to feed the wire through one side of the latch, hook the key and pull out. In addition to this, during this technique oil can be used so that the broken object slips and comes out faster.