Tricks You Didn’t Know That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Galaxy Device Battery

Find out how to take care of the battery of your Samsung Galaxy device. (photo: Pocket-lint)

Saving battery life is not easy. Each model adds new functions and features that require more energy use that little by little deteriorates the battery. This issue is usually worsen when your smartphone it has been in use for a few years now.

And it is that at present it has become very unlikely that the battery lasts several days when you use the maximum capacity of your cell phone; how to record or play videos, take and post Photos or make video calls. And much less when it comes to playing online or communicating with your friends using Telegram, Instagram or WhatsApp.

It is because of that Infobae has compiled 6 tricks to take care of and extend the battery of your Samsung Galaxy, which will be detailed below:

1. Display settings

With Wifi, Bluetooth Y Mobile data, the screen is one of the biggest battery drain on your Samsung Galaxy. So, if you want to extend the battery life or save it, it is useful to change the display settings:

– Something as simple as reduce screen timeout when he’s not looking at her.

– Also can press the power button to turn off the screen when you’re not using the phone instead of letting it turn itself off.

– And of course, reduce the brightness when possible.

Settings of a Samsung Galaxy.  (photo:
Settings of a Samsung Galaxy. (photo:

2. Apps you don’t use

From Setting > Battery > Battery use, you can check the duration of it, which applications consume the most and even which functions make the most of it.

In this way, you will find out how you are using the battery of your Samsung Galaxy, as well as you will be able to determine which applications should I close when you need more battery.

Applications of a Samsung Galaxy.  (photo:
Applications of a Samsung Galaxy. (photo:

3. Power mode

When your Samsung Galaxy battery runs out, you can extend it a bit longer if you haven’t charged it yet. To do this, you must activate the power mode. What it does is restrict the use of mobile data and Wi-Fi in background apps.

You can enable this power saving mode from Setting > Battery. You will find a normal power saving mode and a more powerful power saving mode.

Also make other manual changes to brightness, screen resolution, and more.

Battery power mode on Samsung Galaxy.  (photo: andro4all)
Battery power mode on Samsung Galaxy. (photo: andro4all)

4. How the Galaxy works best: full or half charge

The eternal question of many users. It is not necessary to fully charge the batteries, you only need to fully charge it the first time you turn it on. Or if it has stored without turning it on for a long time.

Other recommendations on charging: Try to do not use the phone while it is charging. In this case, your device will take longer to charge and if it doesn’t, it would prevent the device from overheating.

Samsung Galaxy charging.  (photo: Peruconnection)
Samsung Galaxy charging. (photo: Peruconnection)

5. Mobile device temperature

You may have noticed that the temperature of your Samsung Galaxy affects your device’s battery. The hotter, the shorter the service life. Samsung recommends using the phone at room temperature. That means between 0 and 35 ºC. But this is not always possible. In summer, it’s hotter, so you must try using Samsung in the shade, out of direct light.

Extreme temperatures, very cold or very hot, They complicate battery performance and can lead to sudden shutdowns and shortened life.

Therefore, it is better not to leave the phone in the sun in summer or outside in winter. Samsung also recommends that you store your Samsung Galaxy in a “cool, non-humid environment” to maintain battery performance.

Temperature and activity on Samsung Galaxy.  (photo: The Spanish)
Temperature and activity on Samsung Galaxy. (photo: The Spanish)

6. Applications idle at rest

Applications in background they consume a lot of battery power. So enable this option. You will find it in Battery > see more > Setting> Inactive applications. You can manually add applications to this list.

Samsung Galaxy applications.  (photo: ProAndroid)
Samsung Galaxy applications. (photo: ProAndroid)


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