Tunden Martha Debayle on TikTok for her advice on attending visitors

Martha Debayle is in the eye of the hurricane for one of the most recent videos she posted on her TikTok account

Martha Debayle is in the eye of the hurricane after social network users criticized her for one of the most recent videos that the presenter posted on her TikTok account.

A video of advice recently shared on her TikTok account has reached more than 3.2 million views and captured the attention of thousands of people who criticize her for the advice that the businesswoman gives to properly receive visitors in her home.

In the questioned video, the Nicaraguan details five ways in which she attends to people when they visit her, mentioning that having these attentions not only favor the image of your home but also the personal one.

“You must have beautiful customs, in life everything is maintenance and the devil is in the details,” Debayle said.

The clip quickly became a trend in other networks and unleashed endless criticism for the particular attention of the driver, “problems and solutions for wealthy people part 39262”, “she is teaching us or showing off” and “hahaha, solutions from people with too much free time or too much help at home” were some responses that users gave to these tips.