TV Azteca reporter attacked in full coverage; This is how they tried to steal his equipment

Apparently, the aggressor is part of a gang of extortionists that operates in the Central del Norte.


A team of reporters from TV Azteca He was attacked by alleged extortionists when they were carrying out journalistic coverage in the vicinity of the Central del Norte, in Mexico City. That was what happened.

According to the communicators’ complaint, The events were recorded on November 12 in the vicinity of the trucking station, a place frequented by hundreds of migrants who come to purchase bus tickets that allow them to travel to northern states of Mexico.

This situation has been taken advantage of by alleged extortion gangswho take advantage of the vulnerable situation of travelers to commit all kinds of crimes, and Apparently one of these groups of criminals was the one who attacked the communicators.


She was the reporter for TV Azteca, Ilse Lorena Trejowho reported that, while they were carrying out special coverage on the presence of migrants in the Central del Norte, Subjects approached her and her cameraman to attack them.

“This afternoon the Azteca Information Force team He was attacked by a subject who asked us to stop recording, to turn off the cameras. We did it but the subject continued to threaten us, threatening to steal our equipment,” the reporter stated.


Journalists from Fuerza Informativa Azteca are attacked 🚨 While covering migrant stories at the Northern Bus Station of CDMX, our colleagues were intimidated and threatened, they even tried to beat them and even steal their equipment. Haitians in the area claim that it is an extortionist group. Ilse Lorena Trejo with the details. #FIA #AztecaNoticias #News #CDMX

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Likewise, Ilse Lorena Trejo pointed out that the alleged criminal tried to hit them even though they had already turned off the cameras.

According to a group of Haitians that the reporter interviewed, the man Apparently he is part of a gang that is dedicated to extorting migrants that arrive at that center.

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