Twitch came to the Nintendo Switch store for free

The Twitch app is now available on Nintendo Switch (Photo: Nintendo) (OFFICIAL TWITCH /)

Good news for users of Switch, lto twitch app came to Nintendo in free download from eShop. Anyone can start using it without restrictions from now on.

The app it is completely intuitive so no one will have a problem opening it. It has a home tab with transmissions recommended to start watching streamers; It also has a browse tab to search for channels or broadcasts of a particular video game, as they are also categorized.

Although the broadcasts can be enjoyed on the OLED screen of the console or the TV due to its hybrid capacity, it is not possible to see the chat as it happens from the Twitch application on a smartphone, tablet or PC. In order not to get lost in the conversation, it is possible to scan a QR code or enter an eight-digit code displayed on your screen at to view it from mobile.

The app from Switch (Photo: Nintendo)

As expected, with the application you can also to transmit, similar to other consoles such as PS4 and 5, which will be useful for streamers or those who want to try their luck in the field.

The controls on the Switch or the touch screen are impractical to log in, so it is possible to scan a QR code on the phone or enter an eight-digit code that is displayed on the screen when entering the site: https: // www / activate.

According to the data sheet that can be found on the Nintendo platform, the app has a size of 31 MB and from November 11 it is available in Spanish, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. . It also includes measurement and analysis software from Nielsen, which contributes to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings.

For now the streaming options on Switch are limited, although there is also YouTube or Hulu if you want to see something between trips to Animal Crossing: New Horizons island or battles in Super Smash.

You can search for streamers from the app (Photo: Nintendo)

It should be remembered that despite the fact that Twitch began as a basic service to transmit and watch video games, quickly became a source of income for many users then many of the most popular on Twitch earn well above the average monthly household income.

Nintendo to make fewer Switch consoles due to chip shortage

In accordance with Reuters, Nintendo will produce 20% fewer Switch consoles in the remainder of 2021 and through March 31, 2022, due to a shortage of semiconductors and other components.

“The supply and demand for semiconductor parts is very tight and it is affecting the production of the Switch. We are evaluating the impact, ”said a Nintendo spokesperson when asked about the report.

Nintendo has faced supply and sales problems (Photo: Europa Press)
Nintendo has faced supply and sales problems (Photo: Europa Press) (NINTENDO /)

This despite the fact that Nintendo recently launched an improved Switch that prolongs the life of the device. It is estimated that due to the shortage this console will not reach its production and sales plans.

Taking into account the supply problems that the Japanese company has had, on November 4 it reported profits of up to 171,834 million yen (1,300 million euros) between April and September, that is, 19.4% less than a year before, in the absence of news in the period.

The agency EFE noted that its operating profit fell by 24.5% year-on-year to 219,959 million yen (USD 1,930 million) in the period, the first half of its fiscal year, and its sales turnover decreased by 18.9%, to 624,272 million of yen (USD 5,481 million).


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