Twitch: How to Create Platform Polls for Viewers

How to create a poll on Twitch. (photo: YouTube/Learn with Ander)

One of the things that makes Twitter make it a great streaming platform is its ability to communicate with your favorite streamers. Or vice versa; the streamers they can read their viewers in real time. Chat comments, surprise subscriptions, emojis and badges. And then there are the Twitch polls. Creating surveys is easy and will help you get more information about your audience. And on the other hand, voting in polls is an additional way to interact with your referring streamers.

The poll topic you want to create depends on the channel owner himself. You can ask which games you should play on your next live streams or topics to cover on your streamsasking your followers what they’re up to, what their favorite movies are, or which streamer you should try to stream as a group or invite to your recording studio.

Creating polls on Twitch is relatively simple. What’s more, any of the viewers can vote in the created polls. Of course, In order to take surveys on your channel, you must be a Twitch member or affiliate.

This is how you can create a poll on Twitch

If you want to create a survey, you must go to Pcontrol panel from Twitch. From the stream manager There you go access to the usual options in the form of shortcuts.

The first time, you will need to click Create a new survey (Create a NewPoll).

From now on, just click new survey (NewPoll).

In the list of shortcuts, if you are eligible, you will see a shortcut called Manage survey (Manage Poll). From this shortcut you can also create polls to show on your channel.

Create poll on Twitch.  (photo: Twitch)
Create poll on Twitch. (photo: Twitch)

Completing the survey fields is no secret. It should be titled with the question to be asked of the audience, up to 60 characters, followed by possible answers, up to 25 characters. Minimum two, maximum five. Finally, indicate when the survey will be open: One minute, a few minutes, among others.

Optionally, there are three features you can enable in your Twitch polls:

1. First enable voting with bits. So whoever wants to vote more than once, can do it normally and then an additional vote through Bits.

2. Another option that count the votes of subscribers as two.

3. And finally, you can limit polls only to subscribers.

Once your survey has been set up, click start survey and you have to wait for the results of your hearing.

In the survey you will see number of votes and the percentage of each election in real time. Once this is done, you will be able to see a breakdown of the results. Finally, remember that you can only have one active poll. You can create as many as you want but one by one.

Create poll on Twitch.  (photo: Twitch)
Create poll on Twitch. (photo: Twitch)

How can you vote in Twitch polls?

As a creator or streamer, polls can be created. And as a Twitch viewer or follower, you can vote in polls. It’s optional, but it’s one of the benefits of following a Twitch channel. When a streamer creates a poll on their channel, a screen appears in the upper corner of the chat window. You can open and see all the options of the survey.

There are two ways to vote in polls on Twitch. The most obvious by clicking on the preference vote option and then on the Vote button.

The second form of voting is from the chat itself. To do this, you can use the vote command followed by the number of the option you want to vote for. From 1 to 5, depending on the answers configured by the creator of the survey.

Poll on Twitch.  (photo: Twitch Help)
Poll on Twitch. (photo: Twitch Help)


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