Twitter acquires Threader and offers a new way to read threads by paying

View of the Twitter application on a mobile phone, in a file photograph. EFE / Sascha Steinbach (SASCHA STEINBACH /)

Twitter has decided to strengthen its subscription service proposition and you have chosen to buy Threader, an application that currently collects the tweets that make up a thread so that users can read as if it were an article, And as the Threader page itself indicates, the independent service will cease to exist this December 15 and becomes part of the features included in the premium Twitter service.

Threader’s particular service was only available for iPhone and PC, but now Android users who pay the monthly subscription of ‘Twitter Blue’ will be able to enjoy the function thanks to the native compatibility of Twitter with that system.

Following the announcement of this acquisition, the Threader company proceeded to cancel all subscriptions, therefore, users who decide to take advantage of this service for freeWhether or not they are subscribers, they can do so until the end of the page on December 15. In addition to the above, the company announced that users who have purchased an annual subscription will be able to request a refund through the app on iOS and download all the PDFs that they had saved and generated.

Threader doesn’t leave empty-handed, since it is Marie Denis, co-founder of the company, who has been in charge of preparing the new ‘Reader’ feature on Twitter Blue, a function that will not only allow reading threads with a simpler interface, but also threads can be saved as favorites in order to have easier access to them.

Ad-free article navigation on Twitter Blue subscription |  Credits: Twitter
Ad-free article navigation on Twitter Blue subscription | Credits: Twitter (TWITTER BLUE /)

Twitter bets on its service offer

In addition to the new way of reading threads, it is not the only movement that the social network has been making to diversify its functions, additions such as communities, tips with cryptocurrencies, a safe mode and the ‘Twitter Spaces’ are some examples with those that Meta seeks to go beyond tweets.

‘Blue’ is another example of this, the premium subscription service, launched a few months ago in Australia and New Zealand and a few days ago in the United States, seeks to propose a new line within the application, currently, with an approximate price of about five dollars, users will be able to access the following functions:

  • Undo Tweet: People will now have the ability to review, edit or delete a tweet before followers can see it, for this, users will have a time of up to 30 seconds to unpublish the message.
  • Saved Items folders: Subscribers will be able to organize saved items in folders to facilitate their later navigation.
  • Reading Mode: the aforementioned imported Threader mode that will allow a new way of displaying threads as an article.

Currently the payment functions are not numerous; however, Twitter assures that more will be added as it becomes known what subscribers want to add to the experience. Only time and user response will indicate whether this subscription model thrives.


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