Twitter brings shared tweet posting

Twitter. (photo: SPORT)

Coming Soon, Twitter It will allow sharing the authorship of the tweets with other users. This is revealed by the most recent discoveries of the famous filter, Alessandro Paluzzi, who has published screenshots of this new feature.

And while the feature has yet to be announced by the social networkits release date could be closer than ever.

According to the screenshots, users will be able to invite other accounts (either people or brands) to co-author a tweet. The process seems fairly straightforward, although it still requires certain parameters to be met.

How collaborative tweets would work

The first step to sharing the authorship of a tweet on Twitter would be to send a collaboration request on another profile; this can be done directly from a visible button when it is created. Once the collaborator accepts the request, the post can be submitted, which will show who the co-author of the post is.

It’s important pointing that You can only collaborate with people or brands whose accounts are public and who follow the user who makes the invitation. Once the collaborative tweet is posted, Twitter will display it to both the main creator’s followers and the co-author’s followers.

Twitter.  (photo: Alessandro Paluzzi)
Twitter. (photo: Alessandro Paluzzi)

What is not yet clear is whether at launch this option will be available to all users or will it be limited to those who pay for the service Twitter Blue.

So far, Paluzzi has been able to track signs of co-authoring tweets as far back as last December, suggesting a full release may be imminent.

It should be remembered that the concept of shared publications that Twitter is developing is not exactly new in the field of social media.

The last year Instagram introduced a similar option that allows two accounts to share copyright on a photo, video, or Story. As such, the content is displayed on both profiles and the number of likes and comments shared.

Co-authoring on Instagram.  (photo: ComputerHoy)
Co-authoring on Instagram. (photo: ComputerHoy)

Twitter would implement other news before the launch of collaborative tweets

Tweet co-authoring is said to be one of the many features Twitter plans to launch this year. The social network has been working on rolling out new features for several months, such as the ability to individually label tweets with sensitive content.

The platform also expanded the scope of the button I do not like it and implemented better tools for automatic account identification (bots).

Twitter 'Dislike' button.  (photo: WWWhat's New)
Twitter ‘Dislike’ button. (photo: WWWhat’s New)

In addition, Twitter has added the ability to share Spaces recordings; and we must not forget the possibility of create and share GIFs from iOS.

However, not all the changes made by Twitter are positive. Not long ago, the social network relaunched a controversial novelty about the modification to the chronology of the timeline, receiving strong criticism from users.

New Twitter timeline design for photos and videos.  (photo: Twitter)
New Twitter timeline design for photos and videos. (photo: Twitter) (OFFICIAL TWITTER/)

And looking ahead, the service is also preparing to flockan Instagram-style “best friends” feature.

Therefore, it is evident that the development team of Twitter is working tirelessly to implement new features that little by little they will earn their place on the platform; It will only be a matter of seeing when there is more official news about the authorship of your tweets with other users.


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