Twitter erased the memory of the computers of its employees laid off by order of Elon Musk in the United Kingdom

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk

The workers of Twitter in the United Kingdom they are in great uncertainty about whether they will lose their jobs after the wave of more than 3,700 layoffs by Elon Musk in all the offices of the social network in the world, after buying the company for 44 billion dollars.

Former employees in USA They have already sued the company for the dismissals, which, according to the employees, were carried out without prior notice, thus violating the federal law and of California.

As for the United Kingdom, the platform has offices in London Y Manchesterand this Friday all employees are expected to receive an email with the subject “Your role on Twitter” at 4:00 p.m. local time, according to the local media, The Daily Mail.

Members of the work team in Britainclaimed that the information on their computers was “remote erased” while they slept and their access to the messaging platforms of Slack and Gmail.

Chris Youngie, who used to work for Twitter in the entertainment area, said in a post that, “This doesn’t look promising. I can’t sign in to emails. Mac won’t turn on. But I am so thankful that this is happening at 3am. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the guys on the time front…”

twitter workers
Tweet from a Twitter worker in the UK

simon balmainwho was a senior manager at the company in the UK, said he believed he had been sacked after he logged off from his computer and from slack.

twitter workers
Twitter workers can’t access their computers

“Everyone got an email saying there was going to be a huge reduction in the number of employees, and then about an hour later, people started remotely wiping their laptops and revoking access to Slack and Gmail.” , communicated the former employee in statements to the BBC.

twitter workers
The screen of the Twitter worker when he found out that he did not have access to Gmail

“Most people in the UK are probably asleep and don’t know it yet. He mostly worked LA hours because of the projects he was on, so he was still awake when it happened,” she wrote. Balmain.

Former Twitter employees used the platform itself to communicate the radical way in which they were fired,

“I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t been fired. Elon will take down those left with his wild ideas. Any type of Twitter that we knew before is dead,” said an employee who identified himself as James.

twitter workers
Tweet from a former Twitter worker

Twitter It said its offices will be temporarily closed and all staff’s access and credentials will be suspended to “help ensure the security of every employee, as well as Twitter’s systems and customer data.”

Some witnesses assured that Twitter headquarters in London is empty this morning.

People walk past the building containing Twitter UK headquarters in central London, Britain
People walk past the building containing Twitter UK headquarters in central London, Britain (HENRY NICHOLLS/)

The lights are on, but all the desks were empty in the building located in Piccadilly Circus. While security staff said they had no instructions to deny staff entry.

“If you are in an officena or on the way to an office, return home, ”said the memorandum communicated by the social network, as announced The Daily Mail.

“In an effort to put Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process of reducing our global workforce on Friday.

“We recognize that this will affect a number of people who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the company’s future success.”

“We recognize that this is an incredibly challenging experience, whether or not you are affected,” the email read.

A Twitter logo can be seen through a window of the Twitter UK headquarters in central London, Britain
A Twitter logo can be seen through a window at Twitter UK headquarters in central London, Britain. (HENRY NICHOLLS/)

On the other hand, employees of San Franciscoreceived on Thursday a email anticipating that before 4:00 p.m. GMT on Friday they will have a notification informing them whether or not they will continue in the company, according to the US media.

According to the British newspaper Financial Timesthe employer also aims to require face-to-face work in the office starting this Monday, which would reverse Twitter’s current policy, which allows employees to work from anywhere.

Late last week, the South African-born tycoon overhauled the internet giant’s management team and fired executives, including the head of Twitter.Parag Agrawal, while bringing in a small group of trusted advisors, including his personal attorney Alex Spire.