Twitter increases control of mentions in each publication

The social network seeks that users can block mentions with their name. (GIVEN RUVIC/)

A new feature in Twitter It will allow users to control who can mention them in posts, with the aim of curbing harassment and intimidation of people on the social network.

Jane Manchun Wong, who usually filters this type of work, discovered that the platform has an option for each one to customize the limits in which they want to be mentioned or simply leave it free as it happens now.

Control of mentions on Twitter

In the image shared by the engineer, you can see that users have the power to completely block mentions or limit them to the people they follow, although there will also be the option to allow any mention.

Users will be able to limit comments with their @ ​​as a privacy option.
Users will be able to limit comments with their @ ​​as a privacy option.

This tool would be added to others such as blocking accounts, silencing specific tweets and limiting responses to people who follow each other, all with the aim of curbing the abusive and violent content that many users generate against others.

At the moment it is not known when or how this function will arrive, but it is clear that Twitter is developing it, because Dominic Camozzi, privacy designer of the social network, published a tweet confirming that they are working on it, although he later deleted it, according to The Verge.

This tool is different from the one the app launched earlier this year, called ‘Do Not Mention’, which allows users to remove their name from someone else’s tweet so they are no longer tagged in it, and any other ongoing conversations about he will no longer appear in your mentions feed. So this new option would stop the entire conversation from the beginning.

Tweet citation is another point that this new feature could stop, as despite being able to block replies and stop mentions, other users can still take a tweet and quote it to create abusive content to harass others.

The social network seeks that users can block mentions with their name.
The social network seeks that users can block mentions with their name. (FLORENCE LO/)

Twitter added tweet editing

The ability to edit tweets is available for the first time to users who pay for an optional subscription called Twitter Blue. This refers to the service premium subscription that allows users to access additional benefits such as custom application icons, the option to unsubscribe from tweets, without advertising articles, among others.

The new button allows users to specifically edit a previously posted tweet to correct spelling or typos or other options.

There are already some aspects of editing a tweet that people have gradually become familiar with. For example, Twitter has already explained that if the feature is available users will be able to edit up to 30 minutes after publication.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago it came to light that users can only edit their tweets five times during this period. Of course, it is necessary to take into account that this edition function creates a new entry when they are edited and all the changes are saved in a kind of edit history.

Precisely, you can see the history of these changes by clicking on ‘Last edition’. It appears at the bottom of the post and also shows the time the content was changed by the owner of the tweet.


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