Twitter removes the automatic update so that tweets do not disappear while they are still read

Twitter will not update the feed automatically in the web version. (photo: Clipset)

Twitter is a social network used by millions of users around the world, so implementing new functions and adjusting existing ones is the order of the day. While the platform has experimented with options like the controversial dislike button in the past, the change it receives today will undoubtedly be welcomed by the community and most users. and it is that Twitter has eliminated the automatic update function of the timeline.

For those who are not very familiar with Twitter, it is important to note that this feature is quite annoying for some users because until yesterday, the application would automatically update the page, which could cause it to leave a tweet on the Twitter feed. Basically, the function also known as ‘re-fresh’, automatically updates the timeline when there are more recent tweets.

Twitter feed.  (photo: Genbeta)
Twitter feed. (photo: Genbeta)

Twitter created this feature for the purpose of displaying relevant responses on certain posts, although it turned out to be more annoying than a useful plugin in the end. The social network issued an official statement saying that this feature was annoying, and therefore it was removed from the web version:

“An update to the tweets that disappeared due to the automatic update arrives for the web version! Now you can choose when you want new tweets to be uploaded to your timeline: click on the tweets counter bar at the top ”, the company has communicated.

File photo of the Twitter logo outside the company's offices in San Francisco, California Jan 11, 2021. REUTERS / Stephen Lam /
File photo of the Twitter logo outside the company’s offices in San Francisco, California Jan 11, 2021. REUTERS / Stephen Lam / (Stephen Lam /)

Of course, removing this feature will be welcomed by the vast majority of users, as has happened with fleets, a function very similar to Instagram stories but that does not work very well. On the other hand, users are still waiting for the function to edit the posted tweets.

It should be noted that the Twitter apps for iOS and Android do not automatically update the user’s timeline when they open the app. Instead, just tap on the highlighted home page button on the navigation bar to download new posts.

FILE PHOTO: Twitter on iPhone <a class=Los Angeles, California, US, July 22, 2019. REUTERS / Mike Blake” height=”533″ src=”” width=”800″ />
FILE PHOTO: Twitter on iPhone Los Angeles, California, US, July 22, 2019. REUTERS / Mike Blake (MIKE BLAKE /)

The social media giant recently offered users the option to share a direct link to your spaces so that others can connect to the audio session directly through the web without having to log into the platform.

It also launched its “premium” subscription service, Twitter Blue, in the United States and New Zealand on Monday, after initial launches in Canada and Australia earlier this year.

Twitter acquires Threader and offers a new way to read threads by paying

Twitter has decided to strengthen its subscription service proposition and you have chosen to buy Threader, an application that currently collects the tweets that make up a thread so that users can read as if it were an article, And as the Threader page itself indicates, the independent service will cease to exist this December 15 and becomes part of the features included in the premium Twitter service.

Threader’s particular service was only available for iPhone and PC, but now Android users who pay the monthly subscription of ‘Twitter Blue’ will be able to enjoy the function thanks to the native compatibility of Twitter with that system.

11-10-2021 Navigation between articles without ads in the Twitter Blue subscription POLICY INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY TWITTER BLUE
11-10-2021 Navigation between articles without ads in the Twitter Blue subscription TWITTER BLUE RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY (TWITTER BLUE /)

Following the announcement of this acquisition, the Threader company proceeded to cancel all subscriptions, therefore, users who decide to take advantage of this service for freeWhether or not they are subscribers, they can do so until the end of the page on December 15. In addition to the above, the company announced that users who have purchased an annual subscription will be able to request a refund through the app on iOS and download all the PDFs that they had saved and generated.

Threader doesn’t leave empty-handed, since it is Marie Denis, co-founder of the company, who has been in charge of preparing the new ‘Reader’ feature on Twitter Blue, a function that will not only allow reading threads with a simpler interface, but also threads can be saved as favorites in order to have easier access to them.


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