Twitter: this is why your account now has fewer followers

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Social networks allow the connection with more and more people from different parts of the world, it is not uncommon to increase followers in an organic way; Nevertheless, a Twitter phenomenon constantly sets off users’ alarms, then many are the people who have reported that their number of followers has been reduced abruptly, so they attribute this failures to the social network; However, here we explain why this is not one of these, as it is more common than it seems.

“We understand that this can be tough for some, but we believe that accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more reliable service for public conversation.”

In your constant fight against fake accounts, bots, or suspicious behavior, the platform through some communications has announced that it carries out massive deletions of blocked accountsFaced with this situation, Twitter warns that as a result of these sweeps, many people may see their number of followers reduced to a greater or lesser extent. “We understand that this can be tough for some, but we believe that accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more reliable service for public conversation,” he explained in a statement Vijaya Gadde, Senior Director of Policy, Security and General Counsel for this social network.

Stock Photo: |  Credit: Twitter
Stock Photo: | Credit: Twitter (OFFICIAL TWITTER /)

What are blocked accounts and what happens to them

Through the statement, Twitter explains that as prevention and security measure, the social network blocks accounts when abrupt changes, misconduct or other suspicious practices are detected in their activitiesIn these cases, the application asks its users to validate their account and reset their password, however, if this process is not carried out or the identity verification cannot be completed successfully, the account that has been blocked will pass to be erased in some sweeps that the company itself schedules, These blocked accounts are still part of the followers statistics until they are eliminated, that is why the numbers can be reduced.

In addition to these types of accounts, the platform constantly deletes false accounts, spam or other accounts that reveal that they are not controlled by real people, these types of practices are not allowed by Twitter’s policies and also have as a consequence a massive elimination.

Although this fact seems difficult and worrisome, especially for people who have an influence status within the platform or who work as content creators, this type of security actions contribute to obtaining more real and accurate metrics, since the number of followers does not represent a reliable statistic when it comes to making growth strategies, as a consequence of this, it is recommended that people base their metrics on the number of likes, retweets and comments of the publications that are made within these social networks, as this is where the real reach can be measured.

Within the framework of the recommendations, the platform invites its users not to use pages or software that promise free followers, as it could be considered a fraudulent practice that does not really benefit the person who acquires these followers.


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