Two Israelis were killed in another Palestinian terror attack in the northern West Bank

Security forces deployed at the scene of the attack (AFP) (AHMAD GHARABLI /)

two israelis died this Sunday in a shooting attack in northern West Bankin a context of high tension and while the escalation of violence has continued in the region for weeks, reported Israeli medical services.

He shooting occurred on a road in a town in the area of ​​the Palestinian city of Nablusin the northern West Bank, when “a terrorist arrived” at an intersection and “opened fire on an Israeli vehicle at that point”specified the Israeli Army in a statement.

A joint text from the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gviralso confirmed that “two Israeli civilians were killed in a Palestinian terror attack”.

The victims, two men in their twentieswere seriously injured and declared dead shortly after, when they were taken to the hospital, a spokesman for the Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency medical service told EFE.

Israeli forces are searching for the attacker, who managed to flee. The area of ​​the incident, close to Nablus – one of the main centers of Palestinian armed resistance – is an area where Palestinians – both individually and local militias – have carried out attacks in recent months against settlers and Israeli forces.

The highway junction where the attack occurred (Reuters)
The highway junction where the attack occurred (Reuters) (RAMI AMICHAY /)

according to the newspaper Haaretz, the attacker was wearing a T-shirt with the Lions Den insignia. This is about a new Palestinian militia from Nablus that last year has carried out attacks against Israelis and has also been the target of Israeli retaliatory operations. These raids killed part of its members and leaders, mostly young people from the city and its surroundings.

Today’s attack also comes shortly after an Israeli military raid on central Nablus on Wednesday left 11 Palestinians dead, including six militants and several civilians.

It was the deadliest incident in 2023 and the deadliest in the West Bank since 2005, when the UN began recording these figures.

In turn, the current peak of violence It has led to the most violent start to the year in the region since 2000.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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