Two more senior Russian commanders were killed in combat in eastern Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on a visit to Russian troops (via Reuters) (RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY/)

Russia declared on Sunday that two of its military commanders had been killed in action near the conflict zone Bakhmutin eastern Ukraine.

In a unusual announcement of their battlefield losses, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the Commander of the 4th Motorized Rifle Brigade Vyacheslav Makarovand Yevgeny Brovko, Deputy Commander of the Army Corps for political-military work, they had been killed in combat in eastern Ukraine.

According to the report, Makarov led the fight. near the village of Krasnoe and was mortally woundedwhile Brovko died while repelling an attack on Bakhmutone of the current main focuses of the battlefront.

Makarov “personally led the battle while on the front lines.” According to the Defense Ministry, two attacks by the Ukrainian side were repelled, while in the third Makarov was “severely wounded and died while being evacuated from the battlefield.”

For his part, Yevhen Brovko, according to the Ministry, received “multiple shrapnel wounds” while repelling one of the attacks in Bakhmut. As a consequence, he “died heroically.” Brovko was in charge of defending the zone.

Russian troops have suffered heavy casualties throughout the invasion, which has forced them to mobilize recruits with little training and rely on private forces such as the Wagner group of mercenaries.

Ukrainian troops with a captured Russian soldier near Bakhmut (via Reuters)
Ukrainian troops with a captured Russian soldier near Bakhmut (via Reuters) (RFE/RL/SERHII NUZHNENKO/)

According to a British intelligence reportRussian forces have diminished in capability and effectivenessa, and what used to be an organized military contingent is now, for the most part, groups of reservists incapable of carrying out complex operations.

In its latest assessment published this Sunday, the Ministry of Defense considers that, although the so-called Russian Combined Forces Group – the group of Russian forces or CGF – maintains approximately the same number of personnel on the battlefield as a year ago , 200,000 strong spread over 70 regiments, are no longer made up of professional soldiers or “reasonably modern vehicles”.

“Now the force is made up mostly of poorly trained mobilized reservists and increasingly dependent on outdated equipment,” he adds in his assessment.

As a result, Russia is now only capable of conducting “very simple infantry-based operations” compared to the regular “complex joint operations” conducted by the military at the start of the war.

“Most importantly: it is unlikely that it has been able to generate a mobile reserve, capable of responding to emerging operational challenges,” the Ministry concluded.

(With information from AFP)

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