Two of the children stabbed to death in the French Alps by a Syrian citizen remain in critical condition

Two of the children stabbed to death in the French Alps by a Syrian citizen remain in critical condition. (REUTERS) (DENIS BALIBOUSE /)

Two of the children injured Thursday in a multiple stabbing in Annecyin the French Alps, continue this Friday in state of “vital emergency” and his life is in danger, as stated by the French government, which updated the balance sheet while waiting for the president to Emmanuel Macronvisit the area.

The attack, perpetrated by a citizen of Syrian origin, left a balance of six injured, including four minors between 22 months and 3 years of age. Three of them remain admitted to Grenoblewhere Macron arrived early this Friday, while the fourth child is in Genevain Switzerland.

The only person arrested for the crime is investigated for assassination attemptsince in principle the authorities have ruled out the terrorist motive. There is no criminal record and a criminal record has been set for this Friday. psychiatric examination to determine their status, reported the chain bfmtv.

Executive spokesman Olivier Veranavoided speculating in an interview with franceinfo about the reasons that led him to perpetrate the crime, just as he has avoided the derivatives that the case may have for the debate on immigration and asylum issuesespecially agitated by the extreme right.

The suspect identified himself to police as a Syrian Christian and, in fact, the videos captured at the time of the attack show that he shouted allusions to Jesus Christ.

Images recorded with a mobile phone disseminated on social networks, but without verification, show the alleged perpetrator dressed in black with sunglasses, a beard and a scarf tied around his head, fleeing with the dagger still in his right hand, while being pursued by several people.

Other images show it when it is already being reduced by several policemen that they hadn’t even removed their motorcycle patrol helmets.

Véran accused the leader of Marine Le Pen National Association of raising “erroneous” complaints and defended the obligation to examine asylum applications. The detainee arrived in France legally and since April of this year it had the status of refugee in swedenthe country in which you previously resided.

For Le Pen, the right to asylum must be “considerably” restricted. “When a country of the European Union grants this right, the beneficiary person should not be able to go to another country (…) so that we can recover the ability to control immigration,” said the former presidential candidate on the radio station Europe1.

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