Two vehicle depots caught fire in Rome over the weekend: they do not rule out an act of intimidation by anarchist groups

(Twitter Firefighters of Italy – Vigili del Fuoco/@vigilidelfuoco)

A total of 22 buses burned last night in Rome when the warehouse that guarded them caught fire and the authorities are already investigating the event, the second in the weekend, because on Friday another 16 postal cars were burned.

The bus depot is located in the Via Ostiense of the capital and was engulfed in flames last night, when they registered numerous explosions and a thick column of smoke.

In total, according to the Firefighters, they have been completely destroyed 22 school buseswhile the rest could be saved.

Rome school bus fire
(Twitter Firefighters of Italy – Vigili del Fuoco/@vigilidelfuoco)

The vehicles belong to the private company tundo and they have not been used by the municipality for a long time, according to the agency ANSA.

This Sunday a group of police officers appeared at the scene to investigate the causes of the fire.

The prefecture of Rome said that an investigation was opened into the case and that “the malicious nature of the flames seems possible”.

“From the first findings made, the malicious nature of the flames, triggered at various points, seems possible, but it is necessary to wait for the end of the investigations,” the municipal administration explained in a note.

Rome school bus fire
(Twitter Firefighters of Italy – Vigili del Fuoco/@vigilidelfuoco)

According to some media, it is not ruled out that it could be a intimidating act.

The suspicion stems from the fact that the night between Friday and Saturday a parking lot of the state company also burned Italian post (Correos) with 16 vehicles.

The researchers, according to the media, are considering the authorship of anarchist groupswho supposedly want to denounce the situation of their leader, Alfredo Cospitoon hunger strike for being imprisoned in the harsh solitary confinement provided for gangsters and the worst criminals.

Some blogs run by these anarchist groups have in fact published a release in which they claimed responsibility for the fire on Friday, according to the newspaper The Republic.

“We celebrate the 150th day of the hunger strike of our brother and colleague Alfredo Cospito giving us the joy of attack with fire the infrastructures of the Italian State. We have burned 16 vehicles owned by Poste Italiane”, the note indicates.

The mayor of the “eternal city”, Roberto Gualtieriis in contact with the police chief of Rome and the provincial commander of the fire brigade to find out the outcome of the investigations.

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