TXT’s Yeojun in controversy for hugging Annita too much

  • TXT idol Yeonjun is in the eye of the storm for hugging Brazilian singer Annita that provoked the wrath of MOA

TXT is having a lot of success in 2023, it is even nominated for the MTV VMA Awards. This as a result of his collaborations with foreign artists such as Jonas Brothers and Anitta.

However, a situation between TXT’s Yeonjun and Anitta has generated quite a bit of controversy, especially among fans who belong to the official fandom of the boyband called MOA, who are very jealous of the Brazilian singer.

What happened among the celebrities is that Anitta arrived at one of the rehearsals for the MTV awards and when she met with the members of TXT they greeted each other in a very friendly way and highlighted the almost romantic embrace of the idol with the singer, which already It went viral as explained by the El Heraldo de México portal.

After TXT’s Yeonjun and Anitta’s big hug went viral, MOA’s comments have plagued each of the publications. Although many felt jealous of the singer for being close to her idol and made comments of infidelity, many other fans took it with humor.

In addition, they indicated that they understand the idol, because being close to a girl like the beautiful Brazilian singer is not anything, one comment indicated the following: “Well, it’s Anitta, you understand her.”

Although it must be considered that in Korean culture it is not very common to do these displays of affection in public.