Uber to begin accepting cannabis orders in Canada

An Uber logo on a vehicle in the US (Photo: Reuters) (MIKE BLAKE /)

The unit of Uber home delivery has partnered with the cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke for allow online cannabis ordering through Uber Eats in Ontario, Canadaa company spokesman said Monday.

Uber, which already delivers spirits through your Eats unit, He has had his sights set on the burgeoning cannabis market for some time.

Your CEO, Give to Khosrowshahi, told the media in April that the company would study the possibility of distribute cannabis when US law was clear.

After more than three years of legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada, the country is trying to correct its weakened market of marijuana, in which illegal producers they continue to control a large part of total annual sales.

The association will help Canadian adults buy cannabis safe and legal, helping to combat market illegal underground which still represents more than 40% of all non-medical cannabis sales nationwide, Uber said Monday.

Customers will be able to order cannabis from the app Uber Eats and pick it up at the store Tokyo Smoke closest.

Asked about the possibility of expansion in other Canadian provinces, or in the United States, an Uber spokesperson said there is no “Nothing more to share at this time.”

We will continue to closely monitor market-by-market regulations and opportunities. And as federal and local laws evolve, we will explore opportunities with merchants operating in other regions, ”the Uber spokesperson told the agency. Reuters.

Tokyo Smoke storefronts will be available on the Uber Eats app starting Monday at 9 a.m. Eastern time (14 GMT).

Last year, stricter mandates and lockdowns caused by the pandemic stimulated demand for cannabis-related products by clients who were locked up at home with limited entertainment options.

(By Rithika Krishna – Reuters)

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