UK claims Russian military faces mental health crisis

Soldiers fire a mortar. (AP Photo/Libkos) (LIBKOS/)

The intelligence services of United Kingdom They stated this Wednesday that “Russian Army faces mental health crisis” and they have added that “the lack of attention to the mental health of soldiers and their combat capacity” damages the effectiveness of their offensive in Ukraine.

The Russian military is facing a mental health crisis. In December 2022, Russian psychologists identified about 100,000 military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.they have noted, before underlining that “this figure is almost certainly now higher, as the Russian Army does not provide sufficient rotation and battlefield recovery.”

Thus, he stated that “this was a problem highlighted by several commanders, including former major general Ivan Popovof the 58th Combined Arms Army, “who was relieved of command in July 2023,” according to a statement published by the British Ministry of Defense through its account on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

“There are additional indications that Russian doctors are sending soldiers to the front who are not fit to fight. “Appeals against Russian military medical commissions are higher in 2023 than in 2022, with many cases denied or claims abandoned.”they have specified.

Finally, the United Kingdom Intelligence services have emphasized that “because of the lack of attention to the mental health and combat fitness of its soldiers, Russia’s combat effectiveness continues to operate at suboptimal levels.” within the framework of the invasion of Ukraine, unleashed in February 2022.

British Military Intelligence notes a state of paralysis between Russia and Ukraine in western Donetsk.  Europa Press/Contact/Aziz Karimov
British Military Intelligence notes a state of paralysis between Russia and Ukraine in western Donetsk. Europa Press/Contact/Aziz Karimov (Europa Press/Contact/Aziz Karim/)

Meanwhile, Russia pitched again last night against Ukrainian territory a massive attack with kamikaze drones in which he used a total of 36 unmanned devices Shahid Iranian madeof which 27 were shot down over three southern provinces by Ukrainian air defenses.

According to the head of the Odessa Military Administration, Oleg Kiper23 of the drones have been intercepted in this region, where there was an impact on “a logistics infrastructure.”

“In the early hours of October 10, 2023, the Russian occupying army attacked southern Ukraine with 36 Shahed-type drones,” says the Ukrainian Air Force report published this morning.

The launches were made from the peninsula of Crimean Black Seaoccupied by Russia since 2014.

The shahed were shot down on the territory of the Ukrainian oblasts of Odessa, Mikolayiv and Khersonlocated in the south of the country.

New Russian strikes kill two civilians in Ukraine’s Kherson and Kharkiv regions

Two Ukrainian civilians were killed during the day on Sunday as a result of Russian attacks against Kherson regionsin the south of the country, and Kharkov (northeast), Ukrainian military authorities reported.

In the zone of Kherson under control of the kyiv Governmentothers 18 people were injured, including two children. Kherson was attacked by Russian forces even in 53 times during Sunday. About three hundred projectiles launched with artillery, grenade launchers, mortar launchers, aviation and drones.

A car dealership and a critical infrastructure facility were damaged in the attacks, which also damaged a church. Many of the bombings were directed against residential areas, according to Ukrainian authorities.

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