UK to deliver long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine to fend off Russian invasion

(Cpl Mark Bailey RAF ASA/Reuters)

The British Defense Minister, Ben Wallaceconfirmed this Thursday in Parliament that his government will send long-range missiles “Storm Shadows” to the Ukrainian Army.

“Today I can confirm that the UK is going to donate ‘Storm shadow’ missiles to Ukraine. The ‘Storm Shadow’ are long-range, conventional, and precision missiles,” Wallace explained before the House of Commons (low).

These cruise missiles have a range of more than 250 kmmore than any other weapon supplied to kyiv by Western countries.

The possible shipment, which is now ratified, had been received with threats from Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovpromised a “adequate response from the Russian army”as is always the case when new Western materiel is supplied to the kyiv army.

Ukraine has long been asking its Western allies to provide it with missiles to attack all Russian military and strategic targets in the occupied Ukrainian territories, including the kerch bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with Russia.

Some of the Russian bases and command centers remain out of range of Ukrainian weapons for the time being, except for a few drones.

The American Missile Hypothesis ATACMSwith a range of 300 km and capable of being fired by rocket launch systems Himars used by the kyiv army, has long been favoured, but the White House has vetoed this project for fear of an escalation with Russia.

Last week, a group of European countries led by Britain took up the bid by launching a tender for missiles with a range of up to 300km for the Ukrainian military.

British-French missiles Storm Shadowdeveloped by Matra and British Aerospace in the 1990s and currently produced by MBDA, can shot from a ship or a fighter plane. With an explosive charge of 450 kg, they can hit targets between 250 and 500 km, depending on the version.

The French Air Force fired 12 of these missiles at targets of the Islamic State group in Syria as part of Operation Chammal between December 2015 and January 2016.

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