Ukraine accused Russia before the UN of preparing for months the destruction of the Kakhovka dam

Kherson resident looks at the overflows after the destruction of the dam (Reuters) (STRINGER /)

Ukraine accused Russia of spending months preparing the ground for the destruction of the Kakhovka dam on the Dnieper River, and now seeking to “blame the victim for his own crimes.”

“This is a terrorist act against critical Ukrainian infrastructure that seeks to cause as many civilian casualties and destruction as possible”, stressed the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN, Sergiy Kyslytsyaduring an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

Kyslytsya recalled that Russian troops have been controlling the installation for more than a year and stressed that it is “physically impossible” to blow up the dam from the outside.

It was mined by the Russian occupiers and they blew it up”, insisted the diplomat, who considered that Russia has opted for a “scorched earth” tactic by “being aware that the captured territory does not belong to them and that they will not be able to maintain it.”

The Ukrainian ambassador pointed out that the possible destruction of the dam has been discussed by Russian diplomats and media for some time, “which indicates that it was planned in advance” and that Russia, she said, wanted to blame it on Ukraine.

Evacuation of residents in Kherson (Reuters)
Evacuation of residents in Kherson (Reuters) (STRINGER /)

Kyslytsya considered a letter sent last October by Moscow to the UN warning of alleged Ukrainian plans to attack the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant as part of that effort.

That letter was recalled this Tuesday before the Security Council by the Russian ambassador, Vasili Nebenzia, who blamed Ukraine for the destruction of the dam.

Regarding the consequences of the incident, the Ukrainian representative said that this Tuesday a rise of more than three meters in the water level of the Dnieper near the city of Kherson and calculated that the largest flooded extension will be seen in a period of between three and five days.

GIF Kakhovka dam before and after
The dam, before and after the blast that rendered it useless

As he assured, the left bank of the river – the area controlled by Ukrainian forces – will suffer “eight times more than the right”, with some towns that could be completely covered by the waters.

In addition, he warned of the problems that will be seen in the supply of drinking water and that will also affect Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia.

environmental bomb of mass destruction

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky described the destruction of the dam as a “bomb of massive environmental destruction”, and confirmed that kyiv has already denounced Russia for it before international justice.

The deliberate destruction of the dam and other infrastructure of the (New Kakhovka) hydroelectric power station at the hands of the Russian occupiers is an environmental bomb of mass destructionZelensky said in his address to the nation last night.

Area affected by overflows (Kherson/Reuters)
Area affected by overflows (Kherson / Reuters) (KHERSON REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTR /)

In his daily address to his citizens, the Ukrainian head of state also reported that “the (Ukrainian) prosecutor general has already asked the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court that involves international justice on the investigation of the explosion at the dam”.

Regarding the consequences of the disaster, which has caused the flooding of dozens of towns and is forcing the evacuation of thousands of people from the area, Zelensky highlighted the drinking water supply problems that the overflow could cause for various regions of the south and southeast. from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian president assured that the authorities are “doing everything possible” to supply drinking water to provinces such as Krivói Rog, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia.

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