Ukraine announced the recovery of an oil and gas platform in the Black Sea that Russia controlled since 2015

The operation in the Boyka Towers

Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) announced this Monday that kyiv forces have regained control of four oil and gas extraction platforms Located near the coast of Crimea, in the Black Seawhich were under Russian control since 2015.

“The ‘Boyka Towers’ are oil and gas extraction platforms near the coast of Crimea, in the Black Sea,” Ukrainian military intelligence explained in a statement. “Russia occupied them in 2015 and since the beginning of the large-scale invasion has used them for military purposes,” the note adds.

The GUR describes the operation in which the platforms were recovered as “unprecedented.” “It was carried out by military intelligence units (GUR),” the statement explains. “During one phase of the operation, A fight took place between Ukrainian special forces in boats and a Russian Su-30 fighter″he said, stating that the Moscow plane was “hit and forced to retreat.”

He published a video in which he sees the boats circulating around the oil and gas platformbefore you see your troops firing into the air.

“During the operation, the special forces managed to seize valuable trophies“says the note, which explains that Ukraine captured air missiles unguided for helicopter and a radar used by the Russians to control the movement of ships in the Black Sea.

The platforms over which kyiv has regained control are named Petro Godovalets, Ukraine, Tavrida and Sivash.

Russia annexed Crimea and much of the surrounding waters in 2014, and has accused Ukraine of trying to attack the shelf before.

Ukraine and Russia have increased attacks in the Black Sea since Moscow withdrew from a key deal ensuring the safe navigation of cargo ships.

(With information from AFP and EFE)