Ukraine assured that more than 200,000 Russian fighters have been “liquidated” since the start of the invasion

Image shows graphic content and death) The body of a Russian soldier lies on the battlefield on May 17, 2022 in Malaya Rohan, Ukraine (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) (John Moore/)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Wednesday that the number of Russian fighters “liquidated” since the beginning of the invasion, unleashed at the end of February 2022 by order of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putinhas passed the threshold of 200,000, figure much higher than that recognized by Moscow.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army said in a message on its account on the social network Facebook that “around 200,590 people have been killed”, including 610 in the combats registered during the last 24 hours, which have the city of Bakhmut (east). as epicenter.

Likewise, the report specifies that since the beginning of the attacks they have been destroyed 3,771 battle tanks, 3,166 artillery systems, 318 air defense systems, 308 aircraft, 294 helicopters, 2,748 drones, 982 cruise missiles, 18 boats, 6,067 vehicles and fuel tanks, and 417 pieces of “special equipment.”

Ukraine claims that more than 200,000 Russian fighters have been
The report published by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Russian casualties.

In addition, according to the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Major General Kyrylo Budanovthe offensive potential of the Russian forces “is completely exhausted; they now have serious defense potential. It’s true. They built a staggered, correct and powerful defense. But this is no longer the Russian army that could carry out serious offensive operations.”

He pointed out that Russia directly involves in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine a military force of almost 370,000 troops, as well as approximately 20,000 members of the National Guard and around 7,000 members of various paramilitary formations.

Russia has not provided data on casualties in the conflict since September, when the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, confirmed the death of 5,937 soldiers.

Two Russian commanders among the casualties

Russia announced on Sunday the deaths of two of its military commanders near an access area to the town of Bakhmut, on the eastern Ukrainian front.

In a unusual announcement of battlefield casualtiesthe Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that commanders Viacheslav Makarov and Yevgeny Brovko they died “heroically”.

Makarov, commander of the 14th motorized rifle brigade, with his men repelled “two enemy attacks” before being “severely wounded and died during their evacuation from the battlefield,” ministry spokesman Igor Konachenkov said.

Ukraine announced on Tuesday that in recent days its troops
Ukraine announced on Tuesday that in recent days its troops “liberated about 20 km2 to the north and south of the Bakhmut periphery” (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty/Serhii Nuzhnenko via REUTERS/File Photo) (RFE/RL/SERHII NUZHNENKO /)

Brovko, deputy commander of the army corps “in charge of military-political work”, died “after receiving several injuries from shrapnel” on the Ukrainian front.

The unusual communication from the Russian army reflects the escalation of fighting in recent dayswhile Moscow assures that it repelled attacks along 95 kilometers of the eastern front.

The fighting is still ravaging Bakhmut, the epicenter of the fighting in Donbas, and its surroundings.

The Battle of Bakhmut

Ukrainian President, Volodimir ZelenskyHe said he was “very positive” about the formation of the “aircraft coalition” and his country’s war against Russia.

Meanwhile, the Russian military Wagner controls more than 90% of Bakhmut but it fails to finish seizing that city where the longest and bloodiest battle of this war is being fought.

Ukraine announced on Tuesday that in recent days its troops “liberated about 20 km2 north and south of the Bakhmut periphery.”

But inside Bakhmut, Russian troops continue advancing and “completely destroying the city with artillery”, said the Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister, Ganna Malyar.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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