Ukraine claimed responsibility for bombing an oil depot in northern Russia

Members of the Russian Federal National Guard Service in the Leningrad Region. REUTERS/Anton Vaganov (ANTON VAGANOV/)

Ukrainian forces claimed to have carried out an attack on an oil depot in northern Russia, the AFP a security source in kyiv, after Moscow earlier said it had shot down attack drones in the region Leningrad.

The source confirmed Ukrainian media reports that a drone strike planned and carried out by kyiv had hit an oil depot in the northern region as part of a special operation.

“This is a GUR operation using modern Ukrainian means. Data collection continues, there are confirmed successes in the objectives”sources from the special services told this medium.

“From now on, the military installations of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region will be within reach of Ukrainian forces,” they added.

The independent Russian Telegram channel Astra previously claimed that the drone fell and exploded on the territory of an oil terminal in St. Petersburg.

According to the source of Ukrainian Pravdait is not the first time that Ukraine attacks the Leningrad region with drones, but it is the first time that “the enemy felt its impact.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense assured today, however, that an unmanned device was destroyed in the Moscow region and another in the Leningrad region.

Russia says its air defense has destroyed two Ukrainian drones near Moscow.  Europa Press/Contact/Dmytro Smolienko
Russia says its air defense has destroyed two Ukrainian drones near Moscow. Europa Press/Contact/Dmytro Smolienko (Europa Press/Contact/Dmytro Smo/)

According to Astra, the St. Petersburg oil depot began operation in 1996 and is the largest for transshipment of oil products in the Baltic Sea region with an annual production capacity of 12.5 million tons.

It is also the largest stevedoring company in the Grand Port of St. Petersburg, according to the Russian newspaper RBC.

Russia and Ukraine have tightened the exchange of attacks with missiles and drones against the enemy rear, without any significant advances being made by any of the parties on the front line, although Moscow claims to take the initiative.

Ukrainian air defense systems shot down 19 of 20 fixed-wing drones this Wednesday Shahid launched by the Russian Army against several regions in the southern half of Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian war report.

The Ukrainian Army on Wednesday asked residents in towns near the northern border with Russia to evacuate them as soon as possible to avoid civilian deaths due to constant Russian fire and allow Ukrainian forces to respond without impediments.

“The enemy uses various types of weapons, such as aviation, artillery, mortars and grenade launchers, and puts sabotage groups into the fray”Ukrainian Lieutenant General Sergey Naev said in a message to residents of the Sumi and Chernihiv regions posted on his Telegram account.

Naev noted that “these hostilities can lead to the death of both civilians and military personnel, their capture and the destruction of entire border towns and villages.”

“Every civilian must understand that being on the border with Russia is dangerous”said the soldier.

“The war continues, and in order for the Ukrainian Army to be able to carry out a full exchange of fire and destroy the enemy without thinking that it may harm our citizens, all conscientious Ukrainians must follow the example of the military administrations,” Naev added.

(With information from AFP and EFE)