Ukraine confirmed the advance of its troops in Bakhmut: “We have not lost any position this week”

Ukrainian counteroffensive advances: Zelensky’s troops recaptured part of the territory around Bakhmut. (REUTERS) (UKRAINIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SER/)

Ukraine announced Friday that its forces recaptured part of the territory around the besieged Bakhmut cityin the eastern region of Donetskand which has been the epicenter of fighting with Russia for months.

The enemy has suffered heavy human losses. Our defense forces advanced two kilometers near Bakhmut. We have not lost any position in Bakhmut this week,” said Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Malyarin a statement on social media.

These claims come after another senior Ukrainian military official said this week that Russian forces had withdrawn from some areas near Bakhmut after the kyiv counterattack.

However, Russia denied that Ukraine has made any progress in the city, saying reports of territorial losses “do not correspond to reality.”

He Institute for the Study of Warbased in the United States, indicated that kyiv “had probably managed to break through some Russian lines in localized counterattacks near Bakhmut.”

This Thursday, the Ukrainian armed forces they hit 11 checkpoints of the Russian army in the occupied territories, where they also reached 19 concentration points of Russian troops, a ammunition depot and another for fuel and lubricants, as reported this Friday by the kyiv General Staff.

During the last 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have also struck 9 Russian artillery positions and an air defense infrastructure. Ukraine also destroyed nine Russian dronesaccording to the military report.

The official daily balance of the Russian army continues without confirming or denying the successful counter-offensives of the Ukrainian forces in the city of Bakhmut (east), where Ukraine would be gaining ground after many months, according to Russian and Ukrainian military sources.

Ukraine is focusing its efforts in recent weeks on destroy Russian logistics and supply infrastructure behind the front, both in the tactical zone closest to the line of contact and in the call operational zone within Russia itself.

With these attacks – launched with drones, aviation, precision medium-range missiles and even acts of sabotage – Kiev intends to hinder the supply, coordination and movement of Russian troops in the face of their expected land counteroffensive to recover territories.

(With information from EFE)

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