Ukraine denounced a massive Russian bombardment of Army air bases in the west of the territory

Bombing in areas controlled by Russian troops in Donetsk (Reuters) (ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO /)

He Russian army carried out this Sunday a mass shelling of targets in western Ukrainewhich were answered with attacks against the supply routes of the Russian forces in the annexed regions of Kherson and Crimea, in the south of the country.

“The Russian Armed Forces carried out a massive strike with high-precision, long-range airborne and naval weapons against Ukrainian Army airbases in the towns of Starokonstantiniv in the Khmelnitsk region and Dubno in Rivna,” Igor Konashenkov said. , spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the military spokesman, the attack achieved its purpose and “all the intended targets were hit.”

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, denounced that these attacks were aimed at the Zaporizhzhia “Motor Sich” plantwhich produced engines for Ukrainian Air Force combat aircraft, including drones, and others, unspecified, in the Khmelintsk region.

Zelensky pointed out that this will not lead Russia to victory because “we anyway we will defend the freedom of Ukraine, of all our people. Russia will not be able to supplant international law with terror.”

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that it was several waves of attacks with “air and naval emplacement missiles and iranian assault drones Shahed-136/131″.

Firefighters work in Khmelnitsk after a Russian attack (via Reuters)
Firefighters work in Khmelnitsk after a Russian attack (via Reuters) (KHMELNYTSKYI REGION ADMINISTRATI /)

During the first wave of the Russian attack they were launched 14 Kalibr naval emplacement missiles12 of which were shot down, and three Kinzhal missilesthe fate of which the Ukrainian side did not specify.

Subsequently, Russia again launched drones and Kalibr missiles from the south, to which were added X-101/X-555 cruise missiles “launched by Tu-95M strategic aircraft from the Caspian Sea.”

According to the Ukrainian Air Force all the drones were shot downas well as 5 of the 6 Kalibr missiles and 13 of the 20 X-101/X-555.

“In total, the enemy launched 70 aerial shells,” the Ukrainian side said.

In addition, kyiv denounced a Russian bomb attack on a blood bank in the Kharkiv region, in the east of the country, as a result of which two people died and four others were injured. “The Russians dropped a bomb aimed at a building in the town of Kruglákivka, in the Kupiansk district, and a huge fire broke out,” reported the head of the Kharkiv military administration, Oleg Sinegúbov, quoted by UNIAN.

Ukraine’s response

The Ukrainian Army responded by launching this Sunday several missiles against the Chongar bridgeone of those linking the annexed Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Crimea.

Damage caused to the Chongar Bridge in June
Damage caused to the Chongar bridge in June (VLADIMIR SALDO VIA TELEGRAM /)

Crimean leader Sergei Axionov reported: “The enemy carried out a missile attack in the vicinity of the Chongar bridge, in the north of Crimea”. According to the pro-Russian representative, “part of the missiles was shot down, but one hit the target. There is damage to the pavement of the automobile bridgeThe repairs have already started. There are no victims.”

This is the second attack against this bridge after the one perpetrated on June 22, and has the purpose of hindering the transit of Russian troops from the Crimean peninsula to eastern Ukraine.

Besides, Ukraine launched another drone in the direction of Moscowwhich was shot down by Russian anti-aircraft defense in the Podolsk district, less than 20 kilometers south of the Russian capital, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Ukraine has attacked buildings in Moskva City, the financial heart of Moscow, with aerial drones in recent weeks, calling into question Russia’s anti-aircraft security.

(With information from EFE)

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