Ukraine denounced that Russia “repeatedly” blocks the return of forcibly deported minors to their country

Ukraine denounced that Russia “repeatedly” blocks the return of forcibly deported minors to their country (Getty Images)

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Irina Vereschchukdenounced that Russia “repeatedly” blocks the return of Ukrainian minors what were they forcibly deported to enemy territory, within the framework of the war conflict.

“I am frankly shocked by the behavior of the Russian officials. It turns out that for them it is not enough to commit a crime, but to brag shamelessly. I think it’s some kind of perversion to show your villainy to the whole world. But this will not go unpunished, ”the official wrote on her Telegram channel.

After this statement, the commissioner of the Ukrainian Parliament for Human Rights, Dimitri Lubinets, commented that the local authorities have received “signals” that Moscow could systematically allow these children to return to their land, according to what he reported. ukrinform.

Russia has separated 20% of Ukrainian children from their families, according to kyiv officials (AP)
Russia has separated 20% of Ukrainian children from their families, according to kyiv officials (AP) (Rodrigo Abd /)

For his part, from Russia deny these accusations and they reject the accusations against them. In this sense, the presidency commissioner for the Rights of the Child, Maria Aekseievna Lvova-Belova assured this Thursday that 56 Ukrainian childrenwho are currently in centers for minors in Crimea and Krasnodar, are ready to return to their families.

He also explained that the delay in his return was not due to a lack of will but to the fact that his return could not be guaranteed safely since “the front line has changed significantly” during these thirteen months of war and, therefore, the parents of the children have changed their location.

He also highlighted that in the last two weeks a total of 33 children natives of the Ukrainian regions of Kherson, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv -also housed in centers for minors- had been returned to their families.

Ukraine announced the recovery of 15 minors kidnapped by Russia in areas under Moscow's control
Russia denies the allegations against it and assures that it will return the children to their families when conditions are safe.

The comings and goings between the officials occurred after, on March 17, the International Criminal Court issued a capture order against putin and Lvova-Belova for these illegal deportations, considered war crimes.

As the ICC pointed out in its statement, the investigation room has “reasonable grounds to believe that each suspect is responsible for the war crime of illegal deportation of the population and illegal transfer of population from occupied areas in Urania to the Russian Federation, to the detriment of Ukrainian children”.

Ukrainian authorities have estimated at least 16,000 infants who were forcibly separated from their parents, which represents the 20% of children in the country.

“They change their names and brainwash them. This makes it difficult for us to identify them to return them to their parents. They assure them that in Russia they will be better, they sell them a false reality “warned in this regard the deputy Lesia Zaburanna.

Russian official Maria Lvova-Belova arrives in Moscow with a group of boys illegally transferred from the then-occupied city of Mariupol in October last year.  (Presidency of the Russian Federation)
Maria Lvova-Belova is accused along with Putin of this war crime and an arrest warrant issued by the ICC (Presidency of the Russian Federation) hangs over both.

After the issuance of the ICC order, both Russian officials must remain within their country or travel, on the contrary, to allied nations since, if they appear in the territory of one of the 123 member states of the Court, they would be arrested and taken before the Justice.

As difficult as the image of Putin sitting on the bench in The Hague may seem, the prosecutor Karim Khan he trusts that justice will be achieved and those responsible will pay their bills.

“Those who believe it is impossible do not understand history”began by saying and remarked that “No one should feel that they can commit genocide or crimes against humanity with impunity”.

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