Ukraine destroyed a $1.2 billion Russian air defense system in Crimea

The S-400 “Triumf”, an upgrade of the S-300 system,

The Ukrainian secret services and navy carried out a special operation near the city of Yevpatoria in western Crimea, within the framework of which They managed to destroy a Russian Triumf air defense system valued at 1.2 billion dollars.

According to a military counterintelligence source from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the target was effectively attacked with drones and Neptun missilesreported Ukrainian Pravdainformation also reported by a Reuters source.

First, the SBU drones reached the “eyes” of the system, that is, its radars and antennas.

Explosion in Yevpatoria, Crimea
Explosion in Yevpatoria, Crimea

After disabling the radar stations, naval units hit the S300/400 Triumf launch systems with two Neptun cruise missiles.

The media had previously reported explosions this morning in Yevpatoria and the Russian Ministry of Defense reported an attack with unmanned aerial devices against Crimea and an attempt to attack the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov with naval drones.

In Yevpatoria, in western Crimea, several military units are deployed and the Saka military airfield is nearby, according to the agency. Ukrinform.

More attacks in Crimea

The Russian Defense Ministry indicated in a statement that around 2.00 GMT the Armed Forces of Ukraine “attempted to attack the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov with five unmanned naval vessels.” The department headed by Sergei Shoigu assured that the attack was repelled and that the five boats were destroyed by fire from the patrol boat’s weapons.

Half an hour later, he added, the Russian Army “stopped an attempt” by kyiv “to carry out a terrorist attack with drones” against Crimean territory.

According to Moscow’s version, anti-aircraft defenses destroyed a total of 11 unmanned aerial vehicles over the annexed peninsula.

On the eve, Russia acknowledged that an attack with Ukrainian cruise missiles against a shipyard in Crimea damaged two ships of the Black Sea Fleet that were under repair.

According to Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR), it is a landing ship and a submarine.

Anonymous GUR sources had identified the Minsk ship and the Rostov-on-Don submarine as the Russian ships that Ukraine would have knocked out of combat.

The Russian Defense Ministry later assured that the damaged ships “will be fully repaired” and will return to service.

(With information from EFE)