Ukraine responded to Lula da Silva: “Russia massively kills civilians, it is a classic war of destruction and occupation”

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

Mykhailo Podolyakadviser to the office of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyresponded to the former Brazilian president and candidate in the next elections, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvawho had stated that the Ukrainian head of state “is as guilty as Putin” for the invasion of his country.

Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva speaks of the guilt of Ukraine or the West in the war”, began his release on Twitter Podolyak.

And he stressed: “These are Russia‘s attempts to distort the truth. It’s simple: Russia has treacherously attacked Ukraine, the war is only on the territory of Ukraine, Russia massively kills civilians. Classic war of destruction and occupation”.

Lula had referred in harsh terms to the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenskywhom he placed on the same level of responsibility as Vladimir Putin for the massacre that takes place in his country after the Russian invasion of his territory since last February 24.

The candidate to command the destinies of Brazil for four more years for the third time, gave an extensive interview to the magazine Time, in which he also questioned the United States and the European Union for the conflict.

Politicians reap what we sow. If I sow brotherhood, solidarity, harmony, I will reap good things. If I sow discord, I will reap fights. Putin should not have invaded Ukraine. But not only Putin is guilty. The United States and the European Union are also guilty. What was the reason for the invasion of Ukraine? NATO? So the US and Europe should have said: Ukraine will not join NATO. that would have solved the problem“, he pointed Lula.

The argument chosen by the union leader is not new. There are several people close to Putin’s policy who wield this type of justification to alleviate the burden of responsibility that falls on the dictator of Moscow.

However, he not only stopped at that, but also targeted Zelensky. “And now, sometimes I sit and see the President of Ukraine speaking on television, being applauded, receiving a standing ovation from all the European parliamentarians. This guy is as responsible as Putin for the war. Because in war there is no single culprit”, he sentenced. “This president of Ukraine could have said: ‘Come on, let’s stop talking about this NATO thing, about joining the EU for a while. Let’s discuss some more first’”.

Lula da Silva - TIME
Lula da Silva gave an interview to TIME

Da Silvawho does not mention by name Zelensky, points out that he is struck by the fact that he appears on television and that he makes appearances in other European parliaments. “I do not know the President of Ukraine. But his behavior is a bit strange. It seems like it’s part of the show. He is on television morning, noon and night. He is in the UK parliament, in the German parliament, in the French parliament, in the Italian parliament, as if he were running a political campaign. He should be at the negotiating table”.

the journalist Ciara Nugentfrom São Paulo, even tells him that Zelensky did not want the war, that it came to him, to which Lula refuted that the Ukrainian leader did indeed want it.

He did want war. If he didn’t want war, he would have negotiated a little more. That’s it. I criticized Putin when I was in Mexico City, saying it was a mistake to invade. But I don’t think anyone is trying to help create peace. People are stirring up hatred against Putin. That won’t solve things. We have to come to an agreement. But people are cheering. They’re rooting for this guy, and then he thinks that’s the icing on the cake. We should have a serious conversation: ‘Okay, you’ve been a good comedian. But let’s not make a war so that you appear on television’. And we should tell Putin: ‘You have a lot of weapons, but you don’t need to use them in Ukraine. Let’s talk'”Da Silva said in statements that sparked controversy in Brazil and the rest of the world.

In addition, he dedicated a strong criticism to the North American president Joe Biden of whom he said that he did nothing to prevent the invasion but on the contrary, “incited” it.

I don’t think he made the right decision about the war between Russia and Ukraine. The United States has a lot of political weight. And Biden could have prevented it, not abetted it. She could have spoken more, participated more. Biden could have taken a plane to Moscow to talk to Putin. This is the kind of attitude expected of a leader. Let him intervene so that things don’t get out of hand. I don’t think he did that“, he claimed.


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