Ukraine, Russia and Turkey will discuss this Friday the extension of the agreement for the export of cereals

Ukraine, Russia and Turkey will discuss this Friday the extension of the agreement for the export of cereals. (REUTERS) (GLEB GARANICH /)

Representatives of Türkiye, Russia, Ukraine and the UN They will hold a technical meeting this Friday on the agreement to export Ukrainian cereals through the Black Sea, a pact that expires in the middle of the month.

“Before the meeting of the deputy (defense) ministers, it became necessary to hold a meeting with the technical staff of the UN, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine,” explained the Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, who defended that the “grain corridor” seeks to eliminate the risk of a global “food crisis” because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“After this meeting, there will be another one of the deputy ministers next week,” Akar added, according to the news agency. anadolu.

Russia and Ukraine, with the mediation by Türkiye and the UNagreed last July to allow the export of grain from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskovwarned on Tuesday that stagnation is taking place given that the talks continue “without results” and stressed that “the window is closing”. “The terms of the agreement have not been fully fulfilled on those issues that concern the Russian agricultural sector, but the dialogue will continue,” he said.

Russia denounces that only the part of the pact that benefits Ukraine is being fulfilled, reason for which he has launched harsh criticism against United Nations –mediator in the negotiations of the pact– and justified in mid-March an extension of half the time previously established.

Ukraine, one of the world’s largest producers of different types of grain, saw its ports blocked by Russia after the invasion launched in February 2022.

The agreement has been extended since then and expires on May 18.

“We are continuing our efforts to speed up our negotiations as much as possible before this period expires,” Akar said.

Polish restrictions protest

Ukraine declared on Saturday that it had formally protested to Poland and the EU over the “unacceptable” Warsaw bans on transit of Ukrainian agricultural products for his territory.

Several countries bordering Ukraine -among them its main ally, Poland- imposed temporary trade barriers grain and other Ukrainian products after protests by local farmers over falling prices.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko, stated that the Polish embassy and the EU mission in Ukraine had been sent “notes regarding the categorically unacceptable situation of trade restrictions on imports of agricultural products coming from Ukraine.

Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia They reached an agreement on Friday to allow the transit of Ukrainian agricultural products.

kyiv called for the “immediate” resumption of exports, saying the restrictions violated the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU “and the principles and rules of the single market of the EU”.

The Russian invasion has severely limited the traditional route of export of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea, forcing export by land.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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