Ukraine shot down 14 Iranian drones that flew over the territory during a new Russian attack

Ukraine shot down 14 Iranian drones that flew over the territory during a new attack by Russia. (REUTERS/Vadim Sarakhan) (STRINGER/)

The Russian Army launched last night 15 drones against the territory of Ukrainewhose air defenses managed to shoot down 14 of these devices, informed the Armed forces Ukrainian girls on their Facebook account.

“At night, the enemy deployed 15 drones shahed-136 to carry out air strikes. 14 of them were destroyed by our military”, reads the part of the Ukrainian Army.

Previously, the Ukrainian Air Force had reported that Shahed drones they were thrown from the north and southeastern Ukraine.

As reported by the head of the Military Administration of kyiv12 of the drones been “detected and destroyed” in the airspace of the city.

The mayor of kyiv, Vitalii Klychko, has reported on his Telegram account several “explosions” in the capital. One of them caused a fire in a commercial space which has already been extinguished without causing casualties.

War Russia Ukraine - kyiv - Bombing
Russia deployed 15 Shahed-136 drones to carry out airstrikes. (AFP) (YASUYOSHI CHIBA /)

Even if they are destroyed before reaching their target, drones can explode upon landing after being intercepted.

Three other drones were directed to the province of Dnipropetrovsk, in the center of the country. Two of them were destroyed by air defenses, while the third hit the facilities of a private company, causing a fire that caused no casualties, according to the region’s military administration.

Russia has been attacking with Iranian-made Shahed drones Ukrainian critical infrastructures, especially the electrical network, since last October. Thanks, in part, to the donation of air defense systems by its allies, Ukraine manages to intercept most drones in this type of attack.

Although no casualties were reported, the attack caused several fires.  (REUTERS/Vladyslav Musienko)
Although no casualties were reported, the attack caused several fires. (REUTERS/Vladyslav Musienko) (STRINGER/)

This allows it to avoid power system damage that previously knocked out power to millions of Ukrainians, but experts warn that Russia could also use these relatively low-cost drones to force Ukraine to spend much more expensive weapons to bring them down. .

At least nine people died at the beginning of March in western Ukraine, victims of the massive bombardments carried out by Russiaas announced by the regional governor, Maksym Kozytsky,

According to the authorities, one of the Russian missiles destroyed three houses in a residential neighborhood in the Zolochiv district. “There may be more people under the rubble,” she added through his Telegram account.

After the Russian bombardment of critical infrastructures, 40% of the Ukrainian capital was left without heating service and Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, the largest in Europe, was completely cut off from the electricity grid

The government declared that the air defense shot down almost three dozen missiles launched by Russia against targets throughout the country.

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