Ukraine shot down 21 Russian-launched Iranian-made drones in attack on oil infrastructure

Russia lashed out at Ukraine’s oil infrastructure by launching Iranian drones. (REUTERS) (RFE/RL/SERHII NUZHNENKO/)

The russian troops once again attacked the Ukrainian territory with 26 Iranian-made kamikaze dronesof which Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses shot down a total of 21, reported Wednesday the Ukrainian Air Force on his Telegram channel.

The drones were launched from the Briansk region of the northeast of Ukraine, and from the Azov Sea, to the southeast.

Three of the 26 drones launched by Russia were directed at a oil infrastructure from the province of kirovogradin central Ukraine, reported the military authorities in charge of the area.

The attack occurred around 3:00 a.m. local time and affected an “oil deposit” in the regionexplained the head of the Kirovograd Military Administration, Andriy Raikovychin your Telegram account.

“The opponent’s tactics continue as usual and unchanged: at nightfall the terrorists launch a wave of devices from various directions”, said in his Telegram account the head of the kyiv Military Administration, Sergii Popko.

The attack comes after several infrastructures and train tracks that Russia uses to supply fuel to its troops in Ukraine have exploded in recent days.

With the help of the air defense systems received from its Western allies, Ukraine is now able to shoot down most of the kamikaze drones with which Russia destroyed numerous Ukrainian energy infrastructures in autumn and winter.

The attack occurred around three in the morning local time and affected an
The attack occurred around three in the morning local time and affected an “oil depot” in the region, explained the head of the Kirovograd Military Administration, Andriy Raikovych, in his Telegram account. (REUTERS) (STRINGER /)

According to some analysts, Russia continues to launch these low-cost drones to force Ukraine to spend missiles and other types of anti-aircraft ammunition much more expensive. The interceptions of these drones could also help Russia locate the location of defensive systems used by Ukraine.

Ukraine had activated an air alert Tuesday night in all the eastern provinces of the country, as well as in the Kiev region, after explosions were heard in part of its territory.

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrei Yemark urged citizens not to ignore the alert, confirming that Ukrainian air defenses are working. The authorities of each of these regions also reported the alert and asked their citizens to seek refuge.

As reported by the radio station Suspilneexplosions would have been heard both in the city of kyiv and in Zaporizhzhya and in dnipro.

The attacks come hours after an explosion derailed a freight train in Russia, in the Briansk region bordering Ukraine, with no details given about the reason for the explosion and no casualties reported.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)

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