Ukraine shot down three cruise missiles and 25 drones launched by Russia

Remains of a Shahed drone shot down in Odessa (via Reuters / file) (UKRAINIAN ARMED FORCES /)

Ukrainian air defense shot down three cruise missiles and 25 drones on Saturday night during attacks launched by Russia from various directions, the Ukrainian Air Force Command reported on Sunday.

In a statement on Telegram, he specified that Russia attacked with Shahed-136/131 droneswith Kalibr missiles from ships in the Black Sea and with Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55 cruise missiles from strategic aviation aircraft Tu-95MS.

Specifically, the anti-aircraft defense claimed that it destroyed, in addition to three cruise missiles, 18 Shahed-136/131 drones; an unmanned device of the Lancet type; two tactical-operative Orlan-10; and another four to be specified.

In addition, “during the day of May 13 and at the beginning of that of May 14, the tactical aviation of the Air Force carried out up to fifty sorties to face the enemy and provide air cover for the fighters”, adds the statement, quoted by Ukrainian Pravda.

In statements to television collected by the Unian agency, Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, declared that “the enemy is attacking with various types of missiles and UAVs” from all directions, making the night air alert map “atypical”.

Air defense systems in Hostomel, in the kyiv region (Reuters/file)
Air defense systems in Hostomel, in the kyiv region (Reuters/file) (VALENTYN OGIRENKO/)

According to Ihnat, the missiles enter the territory of Ukraine from different points, and the Shahed drones can be launched from mobile launchers in any direction.

For its part, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital reported that Russian forces carried out last night their 7th May air raid on kyiv in which they launched spy drones into the airspace around the city, which were able to be destroyed.

All drones heading towards kyiv were destroyed at long range”, specifies the military administration in a statement on Telegram, quoted by the Unian agency, in which it adds that they were probably launched to identify Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense positions.

Attacks on Ternopil

The head of the office of the Presidency of Ukraine, Andri Yermak, has denounced a Russian attack that occurred last night against the city of Ternopilin the west of the country, and home of musical duo Tvorchitheir representatives in the edition of the festival of eurovision held this past Saturday.

The Ukrainians Tvorchi, on the turquoise carpet of Eurovsiión 2023. (YOUTUBE)
The Ukrainians Tvorchi, on the turquoise carpet of Eurovsiión 2023

According to Yermak, the attack practically coincided with the participation of the duo formed by producer Andrii Hutsuliak and the vocalist Jimoh Augustus Kehinde (aka Jeffery Kenny) in the edition of the contest held in the city of Liverpool (United Kingdom)

At least two people were injured in this attack, as reported by Yermak on his Telegram account.

A burning warehouse after a Russian missile attack (via Reuters)
A tank in flames after the Russian missile attack (via Reuters) (STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE OF UKRAI /)

This attack has taken place in the midst of a large Russian night offensive with drones and missiles launched from planes and warships from the Black Sea.

(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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