Ukrainian counteroffensive: kyiv focuses its attacks on the Russian military industry and pushes on the front

A commander of a unit of the 3rd Assault Brigade using the name Fedia walks past the body of a dead Russian soldier in Andriivka, Donetsk region, Ukraine (AP Photo/Alex Babenko) (Alex Babenko/)

Ukraine announced today that the first target of its daily drone and rocket attacks against Russia is undermine the ability of its defense industry to produce missiles and reduce air superiority of the enemy, while his troops push in parallel on the battlefield.

“Drone attacks on the territory of the aggressor state are directed primarily against the missile factories of the Russian military industry,” said the head of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR), General Kirilo Budanov.

According to the soldier, the priority objectives are missile component factories, which are mainly located in the European part of Russia and, therefore, within reach of Ukrainian drones and rockets.

Drones, a weapon against superiority

This Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that anti-aircraft defense systems Five Ukrainian drones were shot down last night on the territory of the Kursk region, bordering the Ukrainian province of Sumi, the target of attacks in recent days.

The Ukrainian military command is also clearly betting on drones to confront the Russian superiority in heavy weapons.

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mikhail Fyodorovpublished today on Telegram images captured by a nationally produced “secret drone” while attacking two tanks and a self-propelled gun.

The secret Ukrainian drone in action: The Russians lose weapons worth 7 million dollars in one afternoon. The drone army operators created hell for the occupants,” Fyodorov wrote on the social network, adding that only after the war will some characteristics of the device be made public.

The Ukrainian military command is also clearly betting on drones to confront the Russian superiority in heavy weapons (Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto)
The Ukrainian military command is also clearly betting on drones to confront the Russian superiority in heavy weapons (Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto) (Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto/)

New wave of Russian attacks against infrastructure

Russia did not remain in debt and again attacked Ukrainian infrastructure massively, also with drones.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, they were employed 38 Shahed drones26 of which were shot down by anti-aircraft defense systems.

The greatest destruction was recorded in the Danube port of Izmail, where two drivers were injured and several warehouses and dozens of vehicles were damaged.

Ukraine and Russia exchange attacks

On the southern and eastern fronts, where Ukrainian forces concentrate their efforts, Russian troops repelled at least nine attacksaccording to the report offered today by the Russian military spokesman, Lieutenant General Igor Konashénkov.

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, announced that Russian troops have “considerably expanded the zone of control” on the Kupiansk front in northeastern Ukraine.

According to Shoigu, so far this month, Ukrainian forces They lost “more than 17,000 soldiers, more than 2,700 heavy weapons and war equipment.”

The minister offered these data in a meeting with the senior staff of his portfolio, in which the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was seen on a large screen, Victor Sokolovwho was presumed dead by Ukraine in an attack carried out by the Ukrainian army last Friday in the port of Sevastopol.

The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces indicated today that they will review the veracity of the information after the dissemination of images of Sokolov supposedly alive.

Russia cuts weapons supplies to kyiv

Moscow, meanwhile, downplayed the arrival of the first American tanks in Ukraine. M1 Abrams, as well as the upcoming delivery of long-range missiles to kyiv.

“None of this will affect the essence of the special military operation (in Ukraine) and its outcome,” Shoigu assured.

The Kremlin spokesperson spoke in the same vein, Dmitri Peskovwho assured that “there is no panacea, there are no weapons that can change the correlation of forces on the battlefield.”

He admitted that Abrams tanks are a “serious weapon,” But he remembered the words that Russian President Vladimir Putin said about tanks produced in the West: “They burn like hell.”

“These will also burn,” the spokesperson stated.

(With information from EFE)