Ukrainian forces intercepted a Russian drone and opened it to study its technology

The Ukrainian military shows parts of the Russian drone

Ukrainian forces intercepted a Russian drone and opened it in order to learn the technology with which it operates. A video released by the country’s Ministry of Defense shows a military man inspecting the device.

The drone, which is a Orlan-10crashed somewhere in Ukraine which was not reported by the country’s authorities.

In the video, the soldier shows the components of the military drone. According to some experts, certain aspects of the Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) look more like a hobbyist device than a piece of high-tech military espionage technology, reported Peta Pixel.

The Ukrainian military shows the camera that the drone brought
The Ukrainian military shows the camera that the drone brought

The soldier discovered that one of the drone’s main cameras is a Canon EOS Rebel T6i. The camera is one of the simplest on the market, costing around $750.

On top of the air vehicle, the fuel tank cap was made from some kind of plastic water bottle. In addition, various parts of the drone were fixed with duct tape.

Most of the Russian military drones are relatively small and light models. Some are even designed to be thrown by hand. The bulk of the fleet is made up of the Granat 1, Granat 2, Eleron-3, Zala, Orlan-10, Takhion and Zastava models. All of them are small enough to “disappear” once they rise to an altitude of between 1.5 and 2 kilometers.

Russian drone fuel cap to be made from a plastic bottle
Russian drone fuel cap to be made from a plastic bottle

On the other hand, Ukraine has shown good use of its drones against Russian forces. In mid-March, the US announced the shipment of “longer-range” anti-aircraft weapons and 100 US drones.

In the case of drones, it is the switch blademanufactured by the North American company AeroVironment, also known as “kamikaze drones” or “suicide missiles”which thanks to their light size – similar to that of a baguette – have great precision and are more subtle than, for example, the Javelin anti-tank missiles, also supplied by the US forces.

There are two models of these “loitering munitions”. The Switchblades 300 they are the smallest. They measure about 30 centimeters, weigh almost 2.5 kilograms, and are launched from a small tube similar to a mortar. With a precision attack with advanced ammunition, they have a range of 10 kilometers and an autonomy of 15 minutes. Its cruising speed is 101 kilometers per hour, and the running speed is 161 kilometers per hour. They operate at an altitude of less than 152 meters.

Switchblade Drones Ukraine
Switchblade Drones

Its grenade-sized warhead is effective against unarmored vehicles and groups of troops; cannot penetrate tank armor.

The other model is Switchblade 600. In relation to the previous ones, they are larger and more effective against armored targets: They weigh about 22.5 kilograms and measure 1.3 meters. They have a precision attack with an armor-piercing warhead, which makes it useful against vehicles. They have an operating altitude of less than 200 meters, their range is 40 kilometers, and the flight autonomy amounts to 40 minutes. Cruising and running speeds are 113 and 185 kilometers per hour, respectively.

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