Ultra Music Festival Organizers Open New Club at Iconic Miami Beach Venue

M2 located at 1235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Photo: M2 MIAMI

Yes ok Miami is much more than party, shopping and beaches, there is a reason why a large part of the world associates this region with these three concepts. Some of the best known nightclubs on the planet existed and still exist in Miami Dade, particularly in the resort area of ​​Miami Beach. Among them, the iconic Club Mansion located on Washington Avenue in South Beach.

Mansion was for eleven years one of the most famous nightclubs in the city, where the most renowned DJs on the planet performed. He ran it opium group who during the peak of their success controlled the nightclubs SET, Cameo, Opium Garden, Prive and Mokai, in addition to Mansion. But the boom times came to an end and Mansion closed in 2015.

In the almost four thousand square meters of the property there were two other short-lived nightclubs, Icon and Cup Room. Recently, the property was acquired by the Resistance franchise, the successful group behind the Ultra music festival (which takes place in March in Miami).

The best DJs of the festival are expected to stop by the parties of M2 Ultra Music Festival
The best DJs of the festival are expected to stop by the parties of M2 Ultra Music Festival

resistance invested multi-million dollar property renovation and leave it ready to be the seat of the famous traveling techno music party that the group has taken to various places on the planet. According to a statement from the Resistance group, the party is a “fully immersive Ibiza-style experience” they call M2.

M2Miami Beach
Ultra Music Owners to Open a New South Beach Nightclub Called M2

M2 will debut in South Beach the same week as the Ultra festivalthe Thursday March 23with drumcodethe techno party of Swedish DJ Adam Beyer. The friday march 24 British underground artists Sasha and John DigweedThey will be in charge of musicalizing the place. It is known that on Saturday and Sunday of that week there will also be M2 parties but the artists have not yet been announced.

Interior of M2 in spare parts
M2 interior in spare parts. Photo: M2

M2 will have parties from time to time, so it will not function as a normal night club opening every week. The next opening date will be at the beginning of May, after the week of music in Miami. From there, M2 will be having parties every week during the fall.

As expected, this type of party generates a lot of expectation in the public and the tickets are sold out in advance. Those who want to purchase them can do so from now on through the M2 Miami website.


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