Uncle Gamboín and the characters who were his nephews: from Chabelo to the cat GC

Today 104 years ago he was born Ramiro Gamboa, whom many generations of Mexican children knew as the Uncle Gamboín, endearing character who for more than half a century was a symbol of children’s entertainment.

His legend began when he did a comedic duet with him Panzón Panseco in a radio program in which the jester roles were interspersed. For example, Panseco stoked him by saying: Gamboa is so stupid that he thinks there are trains that go to El Paso and trains that go at a trot ”.

In the fifties, he made the leap to television with certain personality traits that would make him popular with children: a mixture of severity and gentleness with which he scolded Chabelo. Together they first made television commercials and then ‘Musical Carousel’, a program in which the idea that what Chabelo He was an eternal child despite his size. Ramiro was his “papa Gamboa”.

In the seventies he created ‘Una afternoon de tele’, in which he already appears as the Uncle Gamboín, a character who used to present toys during the show. This is also where the phrase that many remember him was born: “Don’t let me down, nephews, don’t let me down.”

At that time it was integrated GC, a cat with whom he made the program ‘Super Holidays’, which consisted of segments that were interspersed in the cartoons that were broadcast during the period of school holidays.

Towards the end of the eighties, Uncle Gamboín began to have heart problems and finally died on December 29, 1992.