Ungrateful! Rubén Albarrán from Café Tacvba destroys Dr. Simi and MEMES destroy him

Although international stars even collect them, when a stuffed animal of Dr. Simi was thrown at Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of Café Tacvba, his reaction was to destroy the doll.

The moment was recorded and went viral because the singer used all his fury to decapitate the doll and give the pieces to the concertgoers.

Of course, he appreciated the gift, but warned that he did not like Dr. Simi. “The detail is very nice but the truth is that I hate Dr. Simi, sorry eh, but thank you very much, thank you very much,” said Rubén.

The critics did not wait, because some say that it was not very “chilanga banda” on their part to destroy the doll.

“I shit on arrogant people,” said a young man, who called the singer “asshole”, after reminding him of the effort the fan made to attend the concert and give him the stuffed animal.

@an_from_hell #stitch with @Mario Orduña me caga la gente prepotente ����♂️ #cafetacvba #drsimi #rubenalbarran #fypシ ♬ original sound – An

In social networks they already compare him with Bart Simpson and show that perhaps Rubén Albarrán lacks therapy…

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