Unique images of the meeting between Ricky Martin and Residente

Ricky Martin and Resident


René Pérez, known to all as Residente, continues with the tiradera and although in days gone by he boasted the idea that he wanted to be a balladeer, now we know what he was up to.

It turns out that in the new song I want to be a balladeer, René tries to be Ricky Martin with a wig that refers to the singer’s haircut with a romantic theme with somewhat repetitive lyrics.

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Unique images of the meeting between Ricky Martin and Residente

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Series and Cinema

This is the first preview of the bioseries Ellas soy yo, Gloria Trevi

The black and white video was directed by René himself, and in it he seeks to expose the change that the industry has undergone and raise awareness of the difficulty of each genre.

In the story, Residente kidnaps Afo Verde, who is CEO of Sony Music Latin-Iberia and forces him to listen to him sing a ballad, however, not liking it, he kills him. Out of nowhere, a mysterious masked man appears, who turns out to be Ricky Martin, the Puerto Rican puts on the cap that Residente was wearing and the madness begins, as Ricky is possessed by Residente’s spirit.


The video, with short film standards, lasts almost 10 minutes and was directed by René Perez and Alejandro Pedrosa. The material has definitely surprised, because in it we see a violent Ricky who, after killing Residente, urinates on him.

The photography is something that also stands out from the video, since the photographer Pepe Ávila del Pino directed the aesthetics, he has worked on series such as House of the Dragon and Ozark.


The production house for such work was 1868 Studios, Residente’s production company, in partnership with Sony Entertainment and in collaboration with World Junkies, who managed to have one million views on YouTube within 10 hours of posting the video.