United Kingdom: Rishi Sunak, the former Finance Minister, a “millionaire Brexiter” on the list of possible successors to Boris Johnson

Candidate to succeed Boris Johnson. The European press still sees him as a talented young man, a businessman. A rich “Brexiter”, a product of the British Empire 2.0. A newcomer to politics. (HENRY NICHOLLS/)

Young, talented. Preferred but still not the sure successor. This 42-year-old former investment banker has established himself in just a few years as a heavyweight in the UK Conservative Party. Rishi Sunakthe British Chancellor of the Exchequer or Deputy Chancellor, for more than two years, has been one of the first cabinet officials to resign over differences with Boris Johnson.

Will he be Boris Johnson’s replacement at 10 Downing Street? He has always appeared as the “candidate”, although in the last hours the parliamentarian Penny Mordaunt It seems that it is very close to him.

Since his door slam, after several scandals, a couple that he starred in, many conservatives “tori” they point to him as the natural successor to “BoJo”. The former Minister of Finance, one of the two high officials who precipitated the collapse, he was one of the first to make his intentions public.

“I am running to be the next Conservative Party boss and your Prime Minister. We must restore confidence, rebuild the economy and unite the country”, Sunak tweeted.

This son of Indian immigrants who passed through the Oxford University and of the Stanford University this among the favorites alongside former Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt and current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Nevertheless, until a few years ago he was not a notable figure or known to the general public. Nevertheless, Sunak managed to project himself as a key character in the match. Now he is at the top, to the point that he could become the next British prime minister.

His political profile is recent. Rishi Sunak began his supporter career in 2015 when he was elected from North Yorkshire. In 2016, he did not hesitate to support, from the first hour, the spaces of his pro-Brexit party. For many, a bold decision, even precocious, which drew attention at the time in favor of Boris Johnson. This support meant that in 2019, when the now outgoing prime minister became a tenant at 10 Downing Street, Sunak entered as government treasurer.

With his experience as an analyst at Goldman Sachs bank and an employee of a hedge fund, his tenure in this area of ​​the cabinet was very solid. Married to the daughter of an Indian tycoon, Sunak, whose grandparents emigrated from North India to the UK in the 1960s, as well as amassing a substantial personal fortune before entering political life, He is a man considered by the sectors of British power.

Rishi Sunak was Chancellor of the Exchequer for more than two years, that is, Minister in charge of Finance and Treasury. Appointed in February 2020 at just 39 years old, “Rish”, as those close to him call him, modeled a leading figure within the “tories”.

Last April, Sunak's popularity was called into question after the revelation of 'The Independent' that tarnished the tax status of his millionaire wife, in the midst of the British inflationary crisis.
Last April, Sunak’s popularity was called into question after the revelation of ‘The Independent’ that tarnished the tax status of his millionaire wife, in the midst of the British inflationary crisis. (POOL/)

Until the last nine, the finance minister was once again advanced by Conservative MPs in the round of internal voting to choose his successor, even ahead of the favorite in the polls, Penny Mordaunt.

But neither is Boris Johnson’s favourite. His story with the “BoJo” has not always been the best. The dissension between the two men reached its height during the summer of 2021, when Boris Johnson criticized his “lack of political sense”. A certain lukewarmness for harsh measures, while the coronavirus crisis was going through, differentiated them.

Sunak cultivates an elegant image, to the point where a certain “arrogance” has been linked to and criticized for his family wealth, particularly his wife’s money. His detractors too They accuse him of not having done enough to relieve households suffocated by the cost of living crisis while inflation broke records, with 9.1% in May.

Unleashed the latest crisis, derived from a “sexual” scandal of a British official, Sunak was, along with Sajid Javid, the former health minister, the first government heavyweight to resign from the government on July 5, citing “fundamentally too different approaches” with Boris Johnson.

The resigners questioned “BoJo” for his behavior in the “Party Gate” affair, these parties organized at number 10 Downing Street while the British were confined to their homes. On July 8, the day after Boris Johnson resigned, Rishi Sunak officially declared himself a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party and therefore for the post of Prime Minister.

The scandals about the fiscal destinies of Sunak’s wife, take away sympathy and support. Sunak met his wife, Akshata Murty, while studying at Stanford. They were married in 2009 in the city where his wife was born, Bangalore. Akshata Murthy is the daughter of a millionaire Indian businessman, Narayana Murthy. Co-founder of Infosys, he is one of the richest men in India. According to “Forbes” magazine, his fortune reaches 3,500 million euros.

He was Boris Johnson's strong man.  However, Sunak became one of the top ranks to slam the door in Downing Street.
He was Boris Johnson’s strong man. However, Sunak became one of the top ranks to slam the door in Downing Street. (UK PARLIAMENT/JESSICA TAYLOR/)

Last April, Sunak’s popularity was called into question following the revelation of ‘The Independent’ that tarnished his wife’s tax status. According to the post, his wife benefits from the status of “non-domiciled” (“non dom”, in English), a figure that would have allowed Akshata Murthy to be exempt from taxes on his foreign income and thus avoid paying several million pounds in the United Kingdom . These revelations shocked the British, particularly at a time when inflation data is record high and purchasing power is severely weakened. Sunak is the man who manages the finances of the kingdom.

In the CV of the most supported candidate, but not for that reason the favorite, there is more information: leaving Goldman Sachswhere he was an intern, but also landed a position as a junior analyst, joined The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI), one of London’s most prominent hedge funds. Later he ran his own hedge fund, Theleme Fundin 2010 with former partners of ICT.

Rishi Sunak was also director of Catamaran Venturesa venture capital fund owned by his father-in-law. The former minister’s fortune would rise, according to the ‘Sunday Times’to 860 million euros.

The European press still sees him as a talented young man, a businessman. A rich “Brexiter”, a product of the British Empire 2.0. A newly released politician with a meteoric career. A liberal, passionate about finances, who as a young man was uninterested in politics.


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