Unrecognized son of “El Puma”, died at 53 years old

The painful news of the death of Juan José Rodríguez ‘El Puma Jr’ was announced by Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo, recognized daughter of the famous singer.

In an emotional message, Lilibeth shared the sad news and asked for respect in this difficult time that her family is facing. The exact causes of her death are still unknown and are being investigated.

The relationship between ‘El Puma’ and his children has been a constant source of controversy.

The singer had a tense relationship with his two well-known daughters, Liliana and Lilibeth, the result of his marriage to the singer Lila Morillo. The relationship fractured when El Puma formed a new family with Carolina Pérez and had his third daughter.

In addition, he faced allegations about the paternity of a fourth son, ‘El Puma Jr’, whom he never officially recognized as his descendant.

‘El Puma Jr’ was a multifaceted artist, standing out as a singer, producer, singing teacher, actor, and announcer. His striking resemblance to her supposed father, as well as his last name and a vocal timbre similar to that of ‘El Puma’, fueled speculation about his parentage.

For many years, ‘El Pumita’, as he was affectionately called, sought recognition from José Luis Rodríguez as his father, but the latter refused on several occasions to undergo a DNA test.