Untouchable cancels concert and warns: “Do what you want, we are not going to return your money”

“Are they spending it with mother? because I don’t”, said Ricky Muñoz in the middle of the Intocable concert at the Monterrey Arena, after a few minutes after the show began, which was canceled without the public being able to do anything.

The vocalist said that he felt bad and although he asked for understanding, he later released a statement that went viral: “I know the boom is coming, we can’t return your money, do what you want, but we’re not going to return your money.”

That unleashed public annoyance and generated comments that recalled that the same thing happened in the CDMX bullring and in Toluca. So Ricky Muñoz published a video to explain and announce new dates for January 13 and 14, 2023.

In an apologetic video, he ended up accepting that the workload is already beyond him and he simply can’t keep up.

“The truth is I feel really bad. Physically I feel super good, I win, I can talk… what I can’t do is sing. If I have to apologize for that, then an apology. I apologize for having a lot of work. I didn’t want him to finish this way, but I felt more powerless, I couldn’t pretend that everything was fine when it’s not fine.

“I promise to return in January. We put two dates, if you still want. Don’t throw away your ticket. They are the best audience, I feel bad… not physically, I feel bad inside, I’m a professional above all, I would like it to be different and finish the show but the net was not improving.

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