Unusually low tides and little rain: Venice’s canals are dry and gondolas can’t run

Unusually low tides and little rain: the canals of Venice are dry and the gondolas cannot circulate (REUTERS) (MANUEL SILVESTRI /)

Italy is again on alert for a possible emergency by drought this boreal winter. In recent weeks, scientists and environmental groups have exposed that in the region of the Alps registered less than half the usual snowfall Meanwhile in Venice have been given unusually low tides. Unlike the floodswhich are usually the main concerns in the city, this phenomenon has hindered mobility there, making it impossible for gondolasthe water taxis and until ambulances navigate the famous canals.

This situation derives from a series of events such as the lack of rain, the presence of a high pressure system, sea currents and even a full moon.

Northern Italy is on alert for low rainfall and snowfall (REUTERS)
Northern Italy is on alert for low rainfall and snowfall (REUTERS) (MANUEL SILVESTRI /)

As he commented to Guardian a spokesperson for the environmental group Legambientthe rivers -mainly in the north of Italy- suffer a severe lack of water. For example, him pothe longest in the country that goes from the Alps -in the northwest- to the Adriatic, records 61% less water that it usually has at this time of year, they specified in a statement from the agency.

This fact, however, is not very surprising in the country of the boot since the last July Italy suffered its worst drought in 70 yearsfor which even the authorities declared the state of emergency in the areas surrounding the Po. Almost a third of the country’s agricultural production occurs there.

“We are in a situation of water deficit that has been accumulating since winter 2020-2021″, alerted in dialogue with the media Corriere della Sera the weather expert Massimiliano Pasquifrom the Italian scientific research institute CNR.

In July 2022, Italy registered its drought in 70 years (REUTERS)
In July 2022, Italy registered its drought in 70 years (REUTERS) (MASSIMO PINCA /)

“We need to recover 500mm in the north-western regions: we need 50 days of rain”he continued.

On the other hand, in the lake of gardaalso in the north of the country, water levels reached record lows therefore, those who go to the small island of saint biagio they can do it through a path that has been exposed in the lake.

In any case, the latest weather forecasts show that the long-awaited rainfall and snowfall they will be coming in the coming days.

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