Uruguay also suspended the signal of the Russian channel RT

Uruguay suspended the broadcast of the Russia Today channel (REUTERS) (DADO RUVIC/)

In rejection of the dissemination of propaganda and justification of the war action of Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, Uruguay suspended the Russian television signal RT.

The decision was executed by the Uruguayan state telecommunications company, Antel. The president of the company, Gabriel Gurmendezannounced this Tuesday, through a publication on its official Twitter account, that the broadcast of the channel “will be suspended immediately”. RussiaToday within the live content platform of the Uruguayan company Vera TV.

Gurmendez considered that RT it’s a channel “in the service of propaganda and justification for Russia‘s violent military invasion of Ukraine”. Immediately, the decision of the head of Antel was criticized by the Latin American Media Regulation and Convergence Observatory (Observacom). Gustavo Gomezexecutive director of the organization said that despite coinciding with the rejection of the invasion of the Kremlin, he described the measure as “state censorship”.

”In an international conflict, all parties make propaganda and justify their actions. The position against one of them (Russia, as I also think) should not make you forget that it affects the right of Uruguayans to seek and receive information. That is state censorship.”Gomez said.

In this way, Antel joins the Western companies that applied restrictions against Russian media. Google announced this Tuesday the blocking of RussiaToday and Sputnik on Youtube. This was the next step in the joint action of the European Union which seeks to prevent disinformation from channels controlled by the Kremlin.

In this way, any European user who, through YouTube, intends to enter the main channels of Sputnik and RT, or linked channels, will find that, although it can be found in the video platform’s search engine, channel content or information cannot be accessed.

In the same vein, Twitter has decided to put labels on those media with affiliation to governments; as well as the journalists linked to them, being Sputnik and Russia Today (RT) the main focuses of attention.

Google announces the blocking of RT and Sputink on YouTube.  (photo: Five Days - EL PAÍS)
Google announces the blocking of RT and Sputink on YouTube. (photo: Five Days – EL PAÍS)

In Uruguay, a journalist from the news agency Sputnik World, Sergio Pintado denounced that Twitter added the label “Government-affiliated media, Russia” to his personal account. Pintado clarified that working in a Russian media does not “in any way” imply sharing the policies of his employer. “Labeling journalists by the media outlet they work for is undemocratic and violent,” he questioned.

Meta also restricted access to Sputnik and RT in the countries of the European Union. Meta Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg announced the decision after Mark Zuckerberg’s company’s cybersecurity team claimed they blocked fake accounts linked to Russia, which were part of a plan to undermine Ukraine on social media. .

According to the technology company, pro-Russian groups are creating disinformation campaigns on social media, using fake profiles or hacked accounts to paint Ukraine as a weak pawn of the West, Meta said on Sunday.

All of these ads are in tune with the prohibition of these two media decreed on Sunday by the president of the European CommissionUrsula von der Leyen, who considered that RT and Sputnik are guilty of sell “lies to justify” war launched by President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the United States has identified NewsFront and southfront as means of disinformation that receive orders from the Russian intelligence services.

These organizations were among more than a dozen entities sanctioned by the US for trying to influence its 2020 presidential election “under the direction of the leadership of the Russian government.”

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