US court refuses to resume case against Bill Cosby

The attempt to revive the lawsuit against Bill Cosby is rejected and the supreme court of the state of Pennsylvania does not provide any explanation

This Monday the United States Supreme Court decided not to revive the sexual assault lawsuit against comedian Bill Cosby, who was released last year after his conviction was overturned.

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania prosecutor Kevin Steele asked the court in November 2021 to review the supreme court’s decision to vacate the actor’s sentence due to incriminating testimony deemed contrary to criminal law.

Many voices had been raised against this ruling as a snub to the #MeToo movement, which denounces violence against women.

The highest US judicial body reported on its website that it “dismissed” the appeal, without explanation.

Bill Cosby was jailed from 2018 to June 30, 2021 for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, a woman who worked for Temple University in Philadelphia, in 2004.

The first prosecutor in charge of the case decided in 2005 not to prosecute Cosby in criminal court, but urged him to testify in the civil trials brought by the complainant, to which he agreed.

During the court hearing, the actor admitted having given Andrea Constand a powerful sedative and subjected her to touching, believing that she gave her consent, since she had not protested.