US recognized Ukraine’s “significant progress” over Russia

The US recognized Ukraine’s “significant progress” over Russia (JUAN BARRETO/)

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkensaid Monday that it was still early in Ukraine’s counteroffensive against the Russian army, but that Ukrainian forces have succeeded “significant progress”.

Ukrainian troops have recaptured dozens of towns in recent days, after Moscow left its main stronghold in northeastern Ukrainemarking their worst defeat since the early days of the war.

“What they have done is planned very methodically and, of course, has benefited from significant support from the United States and many other countries to make sure that Ukraine has in its hands the equipment it needs to carry out this counteroffensive,” Blinken said during a press conference in Mexico City.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken (RAQUEL CUNHA/)

The official, who is in Mexico for talks on economic cooperation, said the Ukraine conflict is likely to continue for some time as Russia it still has forces and weapons deployed in the country that it continues to use “indiscriminately” against civilians.

The Ukrainian army on Monday claimed the reconquest of 500 km2 of territory in the hands of Russian forces, in two weeks of counteroffensive in the Kherson region (south).

“Our successes in these last two weeks are quite convincing,” Natalia Gumeniuk, a military spokeswoman for the south, told reporters. “We have released about 500 km2”he added.

The spokeswoman pointed out that the towns of Vysokopillia, Biloguirka, Soukhy Stavok and Myrolioubivka were “completely under the Ukrainian flag”.

The Ukrainian army claimed this Monday the reconquest of 500 km2 of territories
The Ukrainian army claimed this Monday the reconquest of 500 km2 of territories (TELEGRAM @KUPTG/)

Ukraine claimed to have reconquered some 3,000 km2 from Russian handsmost of that territory during a lightning counteroffensive in the northeast of the country, in the Kharkov region, forcing enemy troops to withdraw.

In the south, the Ukrainian operation launched a little earlier seems to be moving more slowly.

Kirill Stremusov, deputy head of the Russian occupation in Kherson, told the Ria Novosti agency that the “situation is under Russian control.”

“An evolution as in Kharkiv It’s just impossible,” he said.


Ukraine “turned the tide of this war in its favor” after the lightning counteroffensive in Kharkivwhile increasing the chances that Russia lacks the reserve forces it needs to bolster its defensesassured the Institute for the Study of War (ISWfor its acronym in English) in a report.

“Ukrainian forces have inflicted a major operational defeat on Russia, recapturing almost the entire oblast [región] of Kharkiv in a swift counteroffensive”, assured the group of experts. “Ukraine’s success was the result of skillful campaign design and execution that included efforts to maximize the impact of Western weapons systems such as HIMARS” and good strategies on the battlefield.

So while the war is likely to drag on into next year, the Washington-based think tank believes that “Ukraine has turned the tide of this war in its favour” Y “It will probably increasingly dictate the location and nature of the big fights.”

(With information from Reuters)


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