US Special Envoy Against Disinformation Warns China Spends Billions On Pro-Russian Propaganda

Chinese President Xi Jinping (right) and Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting on February 4, 2022 in Beijing, China. (Alexei Druzhinin, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File) (Alexei Druzhinin/)

China spends billions around the world to spread”perniciousdisinformation in favor of Russia on the invasion of Ukraine, a US special envoy said Wednesday.

James Rubincoordinator of Global Engagement Centeran agency of the US Department of State created to “expose and counter” foreign propaganda and disinformation, made the remarks during a European tour this week.

“The well has been poisoned by Chinese and Russian disinformation: it is pernicioussaid Rubin, a former administration official. Clintonaccording to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Rubin further asserted that Russia and China they were spending billions of dollars in an effort to manipulate information. However, he added, Beijing operated globally and spent more than Moscow.

“We as a nation, and the West, have been slow to respond, and it is fair to acknowledge that we are facing a very, very big challenge”, stated the official. “In the communication sector, the alignment between China and Russia is almost complete.”

China, he claimed, was “repeating and enacting Russia’s arguments about the war that was started by NATO”.

Russian propaganda promotes war but tries to avoid the word, and refers to a
Russian propaganda promotes war but tries to avoid the word, and refers to a “special operation” in Ukraine (REUTERS/Igor Russak) (IGOR RUSSAK/)

Rubin also urged countries not to give shelter to those who have been exposed for spreading disinformation and appealed for the unity of allies.

“If we are going to combat the threat of disinformation, which is real and worse than I ever thought, from China, from Russia globally, we are going to need the unity of all allies, the division of labor of all allies. We are going to need allied actions similar to what we saw in previous eras,” he said.

Rubin also admitted his frustration that “some countries of the global south cannot even admit that it is an invasion, let alone decide whose side they are on.”

“For some African countries, for some Asian countries, Ukraine is a distant war,” Rubin added. “They think they don’t get enough attention from the West, all of them. That makes some of them look at this war through that prism.”

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